5 Ways That Stress Can Impact On Your Body


By now, you should know that stress is an issue. In life today, it’s just so normal for most of us to be stressed out on a regular basis. In fact, stress can of be respected! Why? Because when you’re busy and you have a stressful job, you can be seen as successful. But damaging your health doesn’t have to be the only way that you can be successful. It really is time that we all got to know just how bad stress actually is. And the different kinds of stress. Because there can be mental stress and physical stress that impacts your body in the wrong ways too. So let’s take a look at the ways that stress can impact on your body, so that you can stop it - and fast!

1. Thought Patterns

So first of all, one of the leading results of stress is negative thinking. When stress gets into your mind, it can make you think in a really dangerous way. Ever doubted yourself or beat yourself down mentally? Then you’re letting the stress get to you. Whether your triggers are socially, part of your lifestyle, or just external pressures, it’s not good. You deserve to be happy and positive, so it’s time to stop letting stress get into your brain.


2. Skin & Physical Symptoms

The next way that you may notice that stress starts to affect you, is with physical side effects. This is something that we don’t always realize happens. If you get really bad breakouts, then it could be down to a stress-induced hormone issue. If you suffer from things like dry skin or even eczema, again this could be linked to stress. Even if you have hair falling out, again it could be the physical results of stress. And when you realize this, it’s really not worth letting yourself get stressed out.

3. Body Weight & Eating

From here, you may also notice that stress affects your appetite and your weight. This is often the most common association that we can make with stress. When you stress eat, you may overeat or just not eat at all. And then you can find that you’re either losing weight incredibly quickly or starting to put too much on. Either way - it’s not healthy.


4. Physical Stress

Then, there’s the physical stress to think about and what that does to your body and health. When your body is physically under pressure from intense activity or working too hard, you could suffer from stress incontinence or physical issues with your bones and muscles. There’s also burnout when this impacts your mentally too. So maybe it’s time to take a load off?

5. Happiness

And finally, you really need to be aware of how stress can impact on your happiness overall. This is something that we don’t always acknowledge. It’s easy to see that stress is making you feel unhealthy, tired, or impacting on your physical appearance, but you don’t always immediately work out that it’s the root of your unhappiness. Because when you’re stressed out, it can stop you from being happy. So it’s definitely important for you to step back from whatever is triggering your stress, to help you feel better in the long run.

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