The Ultimate Guide To Property Extensions

If you need a bit more space for your family at home, there are two main options that you might have been considering. The first is to move out and buy a larger place. Obviously, this is impossible for some families due to their budget. The second option is a lot more achievable - you could just extend the property. Most homeowners decide to add an extra room to the ground floor or to make one of their downstairs rooms slightly larger. If you want a bit more of a building challenge, then you might want to add on a two-storey extension.

Think this is the right option for you? Here are a few tips that can help you make it happen.


Are You Sure It’s A Good Idea?

Firstly, make sure that extending the property is the right option for you. After all, it might not always make sense, depending on the property or some other factors. In some cases, an extension can actually spoil a house as it could overdevelop it. This might mean that it loses value. You also need to consider whether there is actually enough space around the property for you to extend into. If there isn’t, you might not get planning permission, and might not be able to go through with your plan after all.

Look For Top-Quality Contractors

Next you need to consider who you are going to hire to do all the hard work for you. Unless you have some extremely good DIY and building experience behind you, there is no way you can add a construction on your own. You will need to find builders, roofing contractors, plasterers, and general laborers. It might also be wise to hire an architect to draw up some building plans for you. If possible, try and get personal recommendations for firms but, if that isn’t possible, it’s worth going online to look at online reviews.

Respect Your Neighbors

Your extension might have an effect on your neighbor’s property. For example, if you are adding a two-storey extension, the extra bit of building on your home might end up blocking some sunlight from their home or garden. This might really annoy them, and could cause some friction in your relationship. So, it’s always important that your building plans are considerate for any neighboring properties and, if at all possible, they don’t needlessly anger any other homeowners.

Get Used To Living On A Building Site

Are you ready to live in a chaotic mess for a few weeks? You need to be if you are planning an extension! Your home will be turned into a building site, and living around it can annoy some folk. If possible, you might want to move out for the duration of the build. This has a few advantages actually, as the builders can get on without any disturbances and can work without any of the property’s utilities switched on.

Hopefully, this quick guide to property extensions has given you a better idea as to whether one is the best option for you!

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