A Lobby To Welcome You Home

The list of what to look out for during an apartment hunt can seem never ending. You probably attend each viewing with reams of paper reminding you about things like location and the quality of the view. The more bases you cover, the less chance there is of landing in an imperfect living situation, right?

But, despite a world of preparation, many of us forget to consider one crucial thing; the entrance lobby. It wouldn’t even cross many of our minds to spare this a thought. You aren’t buying the lobby, after all. Surely the apartment should be more important?

When you break it down, though, that lobby is the first thing you’ll see when you arrive home. It’s the first impression your guests will form of where you live. Hence why many landlords go all out by investing in expensive floor tiles, and even contacting aluminum canopy manufacturers to provide an entrance to come home to. The grander the entrance, the better the prospects. With that in mind, you may want to start your next viewing appraisal before entering the potential apartment. For proof of things to look out for, consider the prowess of these top New York lobbies.

The Galleria, 117 East 57th Street

From the moment you set eyes on The Galleria, it’s clear to see that this complex has something to shout about. This entrance canopy ticks all the boxes. Things only improve as you get closer, and spot the iconic swooping glass entrance. Without needing to set foot in the building, it’s clear these apartments come complete with dreamy contemporary designs. What more could a property hunter ask for?

The Osborne, 205 West 57th Street

Many would argue The Osborne has the best lobby in the city, and it’s difficult to disagree. Built back in 1885, this couldn’t be further from the modern glitz you’ll find at the Galleria. Instead, this lobby will put you in mind of a stately manner. The gilded ceiling is only the tip of this lobby iceberg. You also have brownstone walls and traditional paintings galore. You could go as far as to say this is the dream apartment block for fans of Downton Abbey.

River House, 435 East 52nd Street

Of course, New York’s most impressive apartment building had to find its place onto this list at some stage. A pillared stone gate leads you into this beautiful lobby, complete with gardens and river views. The highlight, though, is the cloakrooms which you’ll find there for all your party needs.

The Plaza


Whether you recognize it for its iconic appearance in Home Alone 2, or because you’ve marveled at it many times; The Plaza also deserves a look-in. The lobby for this apartment complex is about as grand as you would imagine. Again, the entrance brings to mind a stately manner house. This image is only furthered by the iconic chandelier you’ll fail to miss when you walk in. How does that sound for impressing anyone you bring home?


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