6 of the Best BYOB Restaurants in NYC

"© [cblanco_31] / Unsplash”

"© [cblanco_31] / Unsplash”

As much as we love the convenience of ordering a cocktail with a meal, sometimes the high alcohol prices at restaurants are enough to make you reconsider. However, if you decide to go the BYOB route, you’ll never have to say no to cracking open a cold one with friends. These are the best BYOB restaurants in NYC.

1.       Lucali

The classic pizza pies at Lucali’s are famous in New York City, but the long wait times can be a pain. If you plan ahead, the pizza will dazzle your taste buds—and if you bring a six-pack along with you, the long wait will go by faster.

2.       BK Jani

Having halal options when dining out is a concern for Muslim Americans. That’s why owner Sibte Hassan opened BK Jani, the first Pakistani burger joint in New York, to deliver scrumptious halal burgers everyone can enjoy. His restaurant welcomes droves of people seeking authentic Pakistani flavors as well as those who want to bring their own booze to the party.

3.       Tanoshi Sushi

The bright yellow storefront of Tanoshi Sushi beckons people to try the culinary magic behind its doors. This sushi spot is downright tiny—it seats just 10 people at a given time—but its omakase fare is some of the best you’ll find outside of Japan. Omakase means you have to entrust your meal entirely to the chef; they will select the freshest fish available and prepare it for you on the spot. It’s an exhilarating experience, and it doesn’t come cheap—but you should definitely treat yourself to Tanoshi at least once.

4.       Peking Duck House

Peking Duck House is an upscale Chinese restaurant that also happens to be one of the best BYOB restaurants in NYC. Peking duck is a Chinese national dish of tender duck meat with crispy, flavorful skin. This restaurant does its namesake proud, and you’ll love their house specials!

5.       Toad Style

Welcome to fast food paradise! The aforementioned restaurants are small but worthwhile, and Toad Style is no different. Their creative menu features vegan renditions of finger-licking classics, such as hamburgers, Philly cheesesteaks, and Buffalo chicken.

6.       Wondee Siam

Authentic Thai cuisine often comes in small packages, like this hole-in-the-wall spot, Wondee Siam. Seating is limited, but service is speedy, and the employees are so welcoming that it’s hard to stay away. If you want Bangkok street food in New York City, you should definitely visit Wondee Siam—and make sure to bring your own beverage!

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