5 Reasons Why Hong Kong Should Be on Your Bucket List

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Yes, this vivid metropolis is brimming with tourists and its spirit is laden with technological innovation, but there’s so much more to Hong Kong than first meets the eye. As one of the most visited destinations of the world, it hides numerous modern hubs as well as natural nooks that people from all walks of life can appreciate. Eager for a funky meal? Hong Kong has got you covered. Yearning for some cultural novelty? The city is literally the epitome of authentic Cantonese influences.

Whether you’re a foodie, an adventurer, a tech lover or a sightseeing junkie, Hong Kong should find itself on your “must see” list for a wide range of reasons, out of which the following five are absolute winners.

1. Mesmerizing hiking trails

Surprised yet? For those among you who imagined strictly concrete and glass dominating the city, you couldn’t be further from the truth. Nature enthusiasts from all over the globe flock to Hong Kong precisely for its unparalleled natural riches, and one of the best ways to experience this less-known side of the city is precisely though hiking.

With trails for a variety of fitness levels, you can take your pick from an array of excursions into nature. An all-time favorite for tourists of all backgrounds is the Dragon’s Back trail with scenic coastal views spreading almost 300 meters below the trails’ highest point. Another great choice is Lion Rock Peak that boasts a splining city panoramic view, but there are others to consider, as well!

2. A foodie paradise

Off The MRKT

Hong Kong is so much more than dim sum, although this traditional Chinese meal is a staple that cannot be missed. What makes it a great option for a weary traveler is the fact that this tasty dish is served almost everywhere, from regular teahouses to fancy restaurants – which deserve a visit, too!

If you wish to mix and match your sightseeing musts and your foodie cravings, then you cannot miss versatile restaurants in Central, the historic district where the past and the present of the city thrive in harmony. This is where you’ll be greeted by an explosion of exotic tastes exclusive to Hong Kong, so prep your taste buds for an adventure!

3. A treasure trove of history

Nestled in the bustling malls and busy streets, you’ll find so many culturally and historically pivotal landmarks that you’ll need an entire separate stay devoted solely to their exploration. Trekking into nature will take you through their intact villages, while a condensed history lesson is available in the Hong Kong Heritage Museum and the Museum of History in Hong Kong, both of which offer exquisite exhibitions worth your while.

Another way to experience authentic Hong Kong history in by making is a visit to a Chinese garden by the name of Dragon Garden, which is a privately-owned piece of lush greenery adorned by a range of architectural approaches and Buddhist, Taoist, and Confucian elements as well.

4. Shop ‘til you drop

Just like the city offers magnificent natural spots as well as urban hotspots, Hong Kong is considered a shopping hub for people of all tastes and preferences. You will easily indulge in a luxurious shopping spree in Central as well as in the Causeway Bay, where you can find massive shopping malls as well as smaller stores for those with an eye for artsy items.

Then again, no Hong Kong visit should go without a trip to their unique markets, scattered in many areas across the city. Some of the local favorites include the Hollywood Road which is known for its antique stores, while the oldest market in the city can be found in Graham Street, famous for excellent local food. Let’s hope you’ll get there before it’s turned into another hotel alley.

5. Find your zen

Hong Kong has shown incredible perseverance in preserving its heritage, and a perfect example are their hidden Buddhist temples. Envision tranquil ponds with lotuses floating about, the fragrance of the wood used to build the temples, and the silence intertwined with the sounds of nature, and you’ll have an idea of what these sacred spots represent.

From the Chi Lin Nunnery dating back to 1934 through the Yuk Hui Temple all the way to the famous Tin Hau Temple with its wishing trees, you will be immersed in the beauty of their wonderful architecture, as well as a wide range of historic artefacts of immeasurable value.

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