5 Reasons to Build a Bike Online

Gone are the days when a physical store was a must for purchasing a bicycle. Now, with online stores everywhere, your dream bike is just a fingertip away from you.

Buying a bike has now become so easy, you can just click your screen and quality will be delivered to your doorstep in a few days. Some of these stores come with direct-to-consumer sales; which means there will be deeper levels of intimacy between the buyer and seller, and also offers a great DIY customization experience.

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You Understand What you Have

The best thing about building a bike online is that you know exactly what you will be getting. You can essentially build a bike online that you always wanted as you can add as many new parts as you wish. With motorbikes, you understand how the motor is placed, how much power is being transferred from the battery to the motor, and how the brake lever wiring works. Putting a bike together guarantees that you have a proper sense of how all the parts works.

You Can Fix It

A benefit that comes with building a bike online and understanding it fully is the things you learn while putting the bike together. Putting parts together and replacing them will be easy enough for you after building your bike. If you want to replace a gear, for instance, since you attached the motor yourself, the task should not be a big deal. Or, you can watch informative videos on how to properly take specific bicycle brand parts apart.

You Choose What you Want

With building a bike online, you have the complete control of whatever colors you would like to see on your bike frame, the quality of chains, tires, rims, lighting quality and others.

With building a bicycle, the first thing you will get to choose is the frame. The frame design, material and build will play a huge part in determining how your bike eventually turns out. The wheels, tires and handlebars are just added bonuses. After selecting your preferred frame, you have the options of selecting the ‘groupset’- the moving parts of a bicycle. You select brakes, wheels, tires, inner tubes and saddles, and then make the final choices of seat posts, saddles, stems and handlebars.

You Start with Your Preferred Bike

Of course, building a bike online guarantees you will make your choices for parts and components based on what you like, your needs and your ultimate aim. There will almost definitely be a sentimental attachment to a bike you build by yourself, and not just a store bought one. The bike would be unique to you in many ways.

You’ll Feel Good

Basically, building things comes with some levels of pride at what we can do. Building a bike online comes with an even greater sense of pride, because it would be yours. The quality and how it works out will boost your ego, and make you feel more capable.

If you plan on building a bike for professional commuting reasons or just for the fun of having a DIY project, you should definitely go forward with the idea. The rewards of your labor will be right before your eyes every day. If you are a woman, you can choose from some of the best bikes for women available online right now. 


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