10 Most Amazing Scuba Diving Destinations in the World

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Being a fan of scuba diving means you’re not afraid to travel around the world and explore places where you can enjoy your hobby at the highest level. If you’re always ready to hit the road towards new scuba diving destinations, here are ten of the most amazing ones you have to visit.



Whether you’re an expert or a novice, you have to check out Hawaii and what this wonderful place can offer you. Packed with all sorts of unique fish, Manta rays and other sea creatures, Hawaii will give you all you need and more. Some of the most popular sites include Kona, Honolulu, Maui and Lanai, so whichever destination you pick, you’ll be glad you’ve chosen Hawaii for your scuba diving experience.



This is another wonderful spot for divers of all levels and a place where you can perfect your diving skills while being surrounded by the most picturesque underwater atmosphere in the world. Galapagos is full of all sorts of animals and fish, from penguins and turtles to dolphins and king angelfish. But, if you’re planning to explore this volcanic island cluster, get organized in advance because the best time to visit Galapagos is between February and April.



If you love combining sightseeing with scuba diving, Australia is the perfect destination for you. This amazing continent is full of diving sites and options to see things you’ve never seen in your life, and all you have to do is find enough time to go there. Also, think about getting proper equipment as well – you may be able to find adequate scuba diving gear and use it every day for your Australian scuba diving experience. Only with great gear will you be able to realize all your diving potential and experience this thrilling place properly.


The island of Fiji can, among other things, offer you something no other place can – the Great White Wall, a coral barrier that’s about 100 feet deep and packed with all sorts of sea creatures! Due to that, it’s probably the most popular scuba diving spot in the world and a place no diving enthusiast should skip. It may not be quite suitable for all divers, though, especially those who lack experience, so perfect your skills before coming to Fiji to enjoy the Great White Wall in all its glory!


Just because most people visit Egypt because of pharaohs and pyramids doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy scuba diving here too. What most diving enthusiasts don’t know is that the coast of Egyptian Red Sea is full of wrecked ships that can offer you an amazing chance to explore underwater nature like you’ve never explored it before. Still, be careful of strong currents and don’t go visiting these wrecks without the assistance of a professional diver.


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However, before you start exploring these destinations, you should learn how to dive properly because it’s a skill that requires lots of training and patience. The island of Key Largo near Miami is one of the places where you can do it quite easily, so go there as soon as possible. Florida is great for more experienced divers too, and the coral reef formed near its southern end is a spot that offers everything from warm water temperature to visually intriguing sea creatures all divers deserve to see at least once in their lives.

Costa Rica

In case you value your privacy and don’t like being surrounded by lots of other divers, then you simply must come to Costa Rica, particularly one of the islands off its coast, Cocos Island. This place is actually a marine national park and every diver’s dream, packed with hundreds different species of fish and sharks. Moreover, the best thing is that you won’t have to share your underwater space with dozens of intruders, but have a chance to explore these beauties all by yourself.

South Africa

All those who love diving but also hanging out with big sharks need to come to South Africa as soon as possible! This country offers all shark lovers a wide range of options, so you can enjoy your time with the sharks regardless of your previous diving experience. Of course, it’s always better to have someone with experience by your side, just in case something goes wrong.


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If you like diving around sunken ships, but don’t want to go to Egypt, you can find a perfectly suitable wreck near Grenada as well. The Bianca C ship sank here in 1961, but it’s still a part of the world’s maritime heritage and a spot every diver needs to see. You can explore its huge remains, but get well prepared for this adventure because it’s a bit advanced and not just for anyone.


All those looking for something particularly exciting and unusual should consider freshwater diving in Iceland – yes, this is quite cold and you might start freezing before you know it, but it’s still an amazing experience. You’ll be inches from glaciers and able to check out the progress of ice in Iceland, and that’s not something you can see every day. Moreover, the water here is crystal clear, so you can see more things than in other popular diving destinations.

Fortunately, there are lots of places all divers can explore, depending on their diving experience and skills, so start checking these destinations out and visiting them as soon as you can.

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