Why You Should Never List Your House In Haste


Recently, we spoke about a few ways to tell it’s the right time to move house. As can be seen from the points mentioned in that post, this is a decision most people make over time. Most consider a few factors before finally listing their homes. And, it’s easy to see why when you consider the amount of money tied up in property.

But, not all home-sellers play the long-game. In some instances, people are keen for a fast sale. It might be that they need the money, or that they have to move suddenly for work. It might even be that a home disaster or personal issue has left them unwilling to stay.

Either way, individuals like these often end up missing out due to their hasty listing. In short; it’s never worth trying to sell your house in a hurry. Even if you’re unable to avoid relocation, it’s worth renting in your new area while you take things slow. Otherwise, you may find yourself facing these fast sale facts.

You’ll need to accept a lower offer

When it comes to getting homes valued, most of us do what we can to get things together. Some homeowners spend months doing small jobs to ensure the best offer. After all, most buyers start below the asking price. So, asking above the odds from the off is incredibly important. But, if you’re in a rush, you’ll have no choice but to accept a lower starting offer. And, if you’re moving because of something like an unsolved home disaster, you’d have to take a massive dent on price. If this is the case for you, instead contact a public adjuster like those found on this site, who can help you gain compensation from whatever’s happened. Then, use that money to get your house up to standard. Even if there’s nothing wrong with the home, small touches can make a big difference to how much people are willing to pay. So, make sure not to cut corners here.

Buyers could take advantage

We all know the importance of a poker face during viewings. If you let realtors know you’re keen, there’s less chance of a bargain. The same can be said when the situation's reversed. If you come across as too pushy, buyers will see your desperation and offer less. Instead, you want to be a cool seller who makes sure buyers have to offer top dollar. And, the only way to do that is to take time here.

What about where you buy?

You’ll also need to buy a house when you sell. If you’re rushing the sale, you’ll likely have no choice to rush the purchase, too. And, you don’t need us to tell you that’s a bad idea. In fact, this more than anything can do long-lasting damage. You’ll need to live in that property for years to come. So, if the other points weren’t enough to convince you slow and steady win the race, this should do the trick.

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