Is There A 'Right' Time To Move House?


Moving house can be a complicated process for anyone. Whether you’re moving on your own or moving with a family, it can become a tricky task full of stress. Often, there are factors out of your control that make it difficult. But, there are also some factors you can control, such as deciding when to make a move.

This begs the question; is there a ‘right’ time to move house? To counter this, is there a ‘wrong’ time to move house too? In the article below you will find a list of scenarios that explain if you should or shouldn’t move to a new home.

When House Prices A Low

Deciding on when you move house should somewhat be based on the current housing market in your area. Specifically, are there homes for sale at good prices or not? What is a good price? Ideally, it’s a low price - you want to spend as little as you can when buying a home, to ease the financial burden. If house prices in your area are incredibly high, then it doesn’t make sense to try and move home just yet. Especially if no circumstances are forcing you to move, in which case, you should stay until the market calms down and you find more value.

When You Physically Can’t Live In Your House Anymore

Generally speaking, there should be no need to move home if you’re nice and comfortable where you live. There’s no point in going through the whole process of searching for a new home, raising the capital to pay for it, potentially selling your old home too, and so on. But, there is a point if you physically can’t live in your house anymore. This can mean any number of things prevent your old home from being the ideal place to live. A common reason is that you have more children and suddenly your home is way too small for a large family. It’s impossible to raise your kids here, so you have to move somewhere bigger. Or, your old home has undergone serious damages, and it's unsafe to live there, the repairs cost too much, and you may as well move. If you feel like you can’t live in your old house anymore - for whatever reason - then it’s the right time to move.


When You’re Financially Stable

Owning a house doesn’t necessarily mean you’re in a good place financially. You may be going through money problems, in which case it makes no sense to move house. How are you going to afford a new home when you can barely pay your bills every month? Only move house when you’ve run the numbers with an accountant and can 100% afford to move out. Remember, buying a home isn’t just about the actual house cost itself. There are estate agent fees, paying for surveyors, and loads of other little costs too. You’ve got to have the money to handle everything.


In answer to the original question; is there a right time to move house? Yes. Or, more accurately, there are many instances where it definitely makes sense to move. Likewise, there are times where you almost certainly shouldn’t be thinking about moving home just yet.

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