What To Know About Long Island City Area’s Residential Development and Transportation

With the announcement from Amazon that it has chosen New York's Long Island City for part of HQ2, Localize.city took a data-driven look at the area to see what’s in the pipeline for residential development and transportation. The area has the largest number of apartments currently under construction. It’s also No. 1 for number of new units authorized as well as for permits filed but not yet approved.

The strain of the influx of new residents is already being felt on LIC’s streets, which will incrrease in the following months. While transit upgrades may be on the way, the neighborhood is No. 1 for issue like complaints about parking, blocked bike lanes and is in the top 10 for complaints about parking placard abuse. 

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"When Amazon moves part of its second headquarters to Long Island City, it will have a tremendous impact on the neighborhood and others nearby," said Localize.city urban planner Stephen Albonesi. "But if any area in New York is poised for a major influx in residents, it's Long Island City, where a building boom is already remaking much of the area and where residents have been grappling with how to meet the demands of thousands of new people.”

 Other takeaways are is that the neighborhood would be six times bigger than Manhattan’s Hudson Yards, with up to 24,000 units of housing, 52 acres of parks, 19 schools and more than 1 million square feet of retail and office space, officials have said. It would take at least a decade to build and would better connect Astoria, Long Island City and Sunnyside.

While more units will pop up groceries and pharmacies are still scarce, and publicly accessible gyms may be in short supply because they’re included as amenities within many private developments.

But more retail is on the horizon: roughly 500,000 square feet is expected by the early 2020’s. Much of it may skew toward chain stores, large grocers and movie theaters, which could make Long Island City more of a an area to work rather than live.

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