What to Do Eat and Drink While Visiting the Bahamas

Soft sand, clear blue ocean, and a drink in hand nothing beats a trip to the Bahamas. Our favorite place to visit while down south is on Paradise Island, in Nassau. Chances are the sun will be out and everyone will be out and about with all the attractions the Bahamas have to offer. From the beach to the street here is a list of what to eat and drink during your next trip in the Bahama’s, you’ll probably want to book your flight today.


Where To Stay

Atlantis – When I visited the Bahama’s I stayed at the world-famous Atlantis resort. Located on Paradise Island this main stay is a fan favorite of celebrities and locals alike. Never without something to do Atlantis in the resort, you can find all the shops, restaurants, and activities for your whole group. If you’re not one to want to be with kids, check out The Cove, it’s adult only so you don’t need to worry too much about tripping over running kids as you grab your 3rd drink of the morning.

There is no better place to swim than in the Bahamas, with guaranteed clean warm water, it’s perfect year round. Whether you’re a pool fan or lover of the ocean, you have choices with soft waves and dozens of pools to choose from. Some of the attractions you can do are swimming with the dolphins, scuba dive for treasure, or take a booze cruise during the day. The fun thing is as an adult swimming with dolphins is so much more fun, especially during the booze cruise.

Conch at Montagu Gardens

While your hotel may offer delicious food, some of the best authentic dishes will be found out of your resort, and be in town. The seafood to look out for is Conch, your new favorite shell fish. You’ll see it different varieties from soup, salad, and most commonly “cracked conch” or fried, making it delicious and crispy at the same time. Where to get this delicious meal, look no further than Montagu Gardens, which is situated by Waterloo Lake.

Sushi at Nobu

It’s harder to have fresher fish than right off the Island. For those Sushi lovers, you can enjoy the local flavors with a modern Japanese twist at Nobu. With a full menu of sushi, salad, and entrees, Nobu will fulfill the palate of even the pickiest eater.

Where to go if you love rum

The home of Bacardi rum you’ll want to bar-hop around Downtown Nassau. As you nibble on small bites at Nassau’s finest bars you’ll want to take in the Bahamian ingredients and flavors. your thirst with shots and cocktails created with signature Bacardi rum or you can take a a tour of John Watling’s Distillery at the beautifully restored Buena Vista Estate is a must see for rum lovers and history buffs alike. Perfect for any rum fan this distillery has been around for over 175 years and offers hand crafted Pale, Amber, and Buena Vista Rums.

Sky Juice at Twin Brothers

This Bahama classic screams everything Bahamas, made with coconut water, sweet milk and gin Sky Juice has all the local flavors you could ask for. You catch this local drink at the world famous Twin Brothers restaurant known for their light meals and heavily poured drinks. You can’t go wrong with their snapper and daiquiri!

The Nightlife

One of the perks of gambling, the free drinks. Besides that, you get to experience live music and interactive games as you walk around the Atlantis resort Casino on Paradise Island. Gambling is one the most entertaining ways to spend your nights with the chance of winning money for your next trip, or the chances of losing it all. This casino offers a variety of games from penny slots, to high stakes tables and sports gambling.

With all the different bars and lounges to choose from, there’s always somewhere take in the sounds of a DJ, enjoy a dirty martini or share a quiet nightcap. From there you can dance the night away at Aura Nightclub where you never know who you’ll meet.

Learn how to roll cigars

If you’re a fan of Cigar then you’re in luck. Make sure to visit to the award-winning Graycliff Cigar Company in Nassau where your senses will appreciate the differences in Graycliff cigars, especially after you roll one for yourself! Put your fingers to work as you impress your friends with your rolling. The rolling class comes with a rum tasting and learn how to combine the flavors and history of the Bahamas. Make sure you get certified and leave with a complimentary cigar and cutter.

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