What Be Excited For At Hudson Yards


When the Hudson Yards complex opens to the public on March 15, visitors will have up to 25 new dining options to pick from. While there’s too many to list in one article, here are a few of the highlights that will be part of the opening.

Estiatorio Milos Hudson Yards

When Greek chef Costas Spiliadis decided to open his second Milos restaurant in NYC (and his seventh overall), it only made sense to make this new location be part of such a massive redevelopment like this. Taking up two floors, the lower level will primarily serve as a bar, but with the menu differing on the time of day. Daytime hours will consist of Greek coffee and pastries, while the wine will usually be served with a small plate of Mediterranean cuisine during the evening. The upper level will house the main restaurant, which will also include an outdoor terrace for those looking to dine with a view of the surrounding area. While the Hudson Yards will already have another Mediterranean option in the previously mentioned Mercado Little Spain, visitors that are more into the seafood aspect of that region’s cuisine are sure to find something to like on the menu.

Hudson Yards Grill

Upon hearing its name, it may seem like another generic bar and grill (as if there weren’t enough of them in Manhattan) But when it’s mentioned that Porter House New York’s Michael Lomonaco is helming this location, it becomes evident that the successful experience from the Shops at Columbus Circle is about to be brought over to the Hudson Yards. The menu consists of all purpose items like grilled pizzas, prime rib, and nigiri and maki made by sushi chefs trained by Masa. In stark contrast to Lomonaco’s other restaurants, which are as well known for their stunning skyline views as they are for the food, there are no windows to be found at all. As he puts it, “This time, we are the scenery”, referring to his cooks and waiters that congregate in and around the massive open kitchen. While it’s a lot more down to earth compared to the many international choices available at the site, the Hudson Yards Grill is definitely one of the more accessible options for those in the mood for something a little more simple and to the point.

Zodiac Room/Bar Stanley/Cooks & Merchants

Neiman Marcus will have a very prominent place in the Hudson Yards’ retail portion, their very first in New York City. Within their new three floor location will be three new restaurants, all of which are ran by chef Alex Pilas. The first restaurant, Zodiac Room, brings guests a familiar Neiman Marcus dining experience, including classic entrees like popovers with strawberry butter, as well as seasonal salads, sandwiches and caviar. The second option, Bar Stanley, aims for a more casual, pub-like experience. Burgers and sandwiches primarily make up the food selection, but the drink selection is described by Neiman-Marcus as “mixologist-curated speciality cocktails.” The final spot, Cooks & Merchants, is seemingly their take on a NYC food hall. Aside from a collection of ready to pick up salads, soups, and sandwiches, there will also be a chocolate bar and a wine bar available. In addition, City Bakery will provide various baked goods throughout. For their long awaited debut in New York, Neiman Marcus is certainly pulling all the stops to make an exceptional first impression, and hopefully set the stage for possibly future locations in the city.

Wild Ink

London based hospitality group Rhubarb will make their international debut at the Hudson Yards, with Wild Ink. This 90 seat restaurant primarily features an Asian Fusion menu from Peter Jin and Tien Ho, mixing in elements from Japanese, Chinese, English, and Italian dishes. While Wild Ink is poised to be one of the highlights of the Hudson Yards, this is actually one of two restaurants that Rhubarb plans on opening in the complex. Unlike the other eateries, the second location will be located in the 30 Hudson Yards tower, but in the uppermost floors, almost 1,300 feet in the air. It’s not unlike other high rise restaurants in the city, like the original Windows on the World at the World Trade Center. But if the Hudson Yards wanted to make a statement with their dining options, putting a major restaurant in the tallest building of the complex is certainly a fail proof method of doing so. This secondary option will open alongside 30 Hudson Yards, later this year.

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