The Ultimate Stag Party For Millennials Who Love To Travel


When you see couples getting married everywhere, you know that there’s more than one kind of party going on! There are bridal showers, wedding rehearsals, engagement parties, and, most importantly, stag parties. These are either bachelor or bachelorette parties that the friends of the groom or bride throw for them a few days before they’re about to tie the knot. Such parties are often arranged to enjoy the last hurrah before a lifetime of commitment.

With the millennial generation in the spotlight, there are several wedding trends that have managed to come to the fore. Of these, experiences are among the top priority. Many millennials aspire to travel and love the idea of it in just about every phase of life. It’s hence no surprise that traveling should make its way to stag parties as well.

Traditionally, stag parties were bachelor parties that started with a night out for the men involved in the wedding itself. These would usually be planned by the groom’s best man and involve a lot of drinking, gambling, and other questionable wild activities that lasted the whole night. While such parties have calmed down somewhat, they’ve also become another costly addition to the whole wedding plan.

Couples getting married are now holding their bachelor parties at vacation spots, inviting their family and friends, and having the whole thing go on for at least a weekend. These include places in New Orleans, Las Vegas, San Francisco, and New York. Even major sporting events, beach resorts, or national parks are magnets for enjoyable activities for an all-male or all-female troupe to enjoy. You can explore more by visiting by visiting this website:

Want to know what the best spots for stag parties for travel-happy millennials are?

We’ve got you covered with the spots below!

Aspen, Colorado

The Aspen slopes in Colorado shouldn’t be missed out when you want a unique, fast-paced, and constantly fun stag party weekend. While this area is usually associated with wealth and luxury resorts, not everything costs an arm and leg here. You'll find something for everyone, from rented cabins to the famous posh ski resorts. Get a group of your best friends together and enjoy what’s left of your single life in the casual, cold skiing environment that Aspen offers.

If you play your cards right, you and your friends could be luxuriating in hot tubs, roasting marshmallows over fire pits, and enjoying the hearty meals. You’ll get all this and much more no matter where you turn in this fun, lively part of the world.

Moab, Utah


If you love getting a thrill more than anything else, this is the place for your stag party! You’ll get to enjoy in all sorts of adventurous activities here, including mountain biking, tandem base-jumping, rock climbing, and many more. Plus, you’ll have the added benefit of the beautiful scenery of the Canyonlands and the Arches right by you.

You can stay at the Moab Under Canvas while you’re preparing to enjoy yourself with your friends. This is an outdoor resort that promises a unique and memorable experience that’s also safe. You’d get the tents, tepees, and other supplies provided for you outside the red rock country parks. This would be an adventure that’s all the more enjoyable for its convenience.

Barcelona, Spain

If you’re planning to splurge a little on your stag party and really feel the joy of traveling, this is one city you shouldn’t miss. In fact, this city is cheap enough to let you throw a fancy party and stay at a decent hotel without breaking the bank. You’ll also get a festive atmosphere, outstanding events, and all the clubs your heart could desire.

The best time to visit Barcelona is somewhere between the months April and June, while late September or November are also great options. This way, you can grab tickets for a football match and fully enjoy yourself with your best buddies.

Denver, Colorado

The capital of Colorado may be populous, but it does have a variety of affordable hotels for staying in. You can hold a stag party there without having to worry about getting enough space for everyone. There are also brewery tours, museums, and several adventurous options for satisfying every kind of interest.

Overall, this stag party destination will allow you to stay within your budget and also stay safe on the journey. The best times to visit this city are April-May and September-October. Be sure to check out the Curtis Hotel in Colorado. Its themed rooms include ‘Star Wars’ and ‘Ghost Busters,’ so feel free to let your geeky side rule.

San Diego, California

If you simply want to lose yourself in the bustle of a huge city, get yourself to San Diego for your stag party hilarity. You’ll get 70 miles of beaches here along with some exciting surfing activities. If you prefer to learn something new, like standing up on a paddleboard, there are always some calm waters in Mission Bay.

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