Traveling without Letting Your Travel Blog Take Over

Life as a travel blogger is incredible. You get to go all over the world, sharing your experiences with your readers, offering up advice, hints and tips and an inside look at your life on the road. You can help other people, make new friends, and as your blog starts to grow you might even find yourself in the wonderful position of getting paid to blog about your experiences, or getting offered free hotels stays, flights and experiences to blog about. It can be fantastic.


But, it’s not always the perfect life that you imagine. There is a danger that your traveling will stop being fun and start to feel like work. When you’ve got to take photographs and make notes on everything that you do, and when you’ve got to spend time while you are traveling updating your blog, keeping up to date with your social media campaigns and more, it can start to feel like a job. The work that you have to put into your blog can make you feel like it’s taking over. Your travels can stop feeling like fun, and you might even find that you don’t want to do it anymore.

It’s all about finding the right balance. Using your blog to make money and finance your travels is fantastic, as long as you are still enjoying yourself. Here’s a look at some ways that you can travel without letting your travel blog take over and ruin the experience.

Treat it Like a Job

You want your blog to be a job, but not your travels themselves. So, start to treat your blog like a job. Give yourself working hours, and a little time on trips to make notes and take photos. The rest of the time, switch off. You don’t have to be a blogger every second of every day. Sometimes, you can just be a tourist.

Stay in a Good Hotel

Staying in the right hotel, like a lodging in Deming, New Mexico is a great idea. It means that you are surrounded by things to write about and that you’ve got a great base to work. But, it also means that you’ve got somewhere to relax and unwind when you just want to take a little time off.


One of the best things about blogging is that you can schedule content and social media updates. You don’t have to post right there and then. Use an editorial calendar to arrange your posts around what you want to do while you are away. This can help you to take time off, but it also means that your blog doesn’t need to take a break when you do.

Take Loads of Photos

One of the hardest things about being a travel blogger is that you aren’t always traveling. Sometimes, you are at home. What do you write about then? Remember to take lots of photos when you are on the road, even just smartphone snaps, and you can keep posting to your blog and social media all of the time.

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