The Smart Bottle That Really Tells You What Your Drinking


Do you ever pick up a bottle and after reading the back of the description, not know a single thing about the wine. Sure you can tell if it’s a red or white but really want to know what makes it special and what to look for? The Owl & The Dust Devil (SRP: $33, available nationwide) is a perfect gift for wine lovers and tech geeks alike as they have an innovative App that brings to life the captivating animated scenes of owls as they chase the ‘Dust Devils’ through the vineyard.

The Owl & The Dust Devil was the vision of Finca Decero Chief Commercial Officer Stephanie Morton-Small, inspired by the winery’s local Lechuza Owls who, every day, watch over the estate vineyards, protecting the vines from imposters and potential threats.

This distinct red blend from one of Argentina’s top producers not only offers an aromatic and delicious blend of cabernet, malbec and petit verdot to pair with holiday meals.

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