Fancy A Late Winter Vacation?

How do you feel about heading off on vacation for the winter? Are you someone who likes to stay at home, all cosy and comfortable, and feel rested in time for going back to work? Or maybe you like to go all out, and use this time of your own to really broaden your horizons, and make yourself some memories away from the daily grind? Well, the late winter time is perfect for the latter option!

We all love heading out on travels when the wanderlust really takes us, or when the summer rolls around and we’ve got the time and the money all saved up. But there’s no harm in using the last few days or week of your winter vacation to jet off for a while! So no matter where you’re itching to go right about now, make sure you know how to use the time away most effectively.

There’s a winter wonderland out there, so why not go and explore it?

There’s a winter wonderland out there, so why not go and explore it?

Aim North

Going North for the winter just seems like it’s going to make you a lot colder than you already are, but there’s plenty of sites, sounds, and smells to be had up there in the Northern hemisphere. Take Canada - it has quite a lot of snow falling on its slopes already, but it’s still a wonderful piece of civilisation to get to now! And you can always book yourself a warm hotel in Calgary, Alberta, to retreat back to when you’re cold and wet through from too many snowball fights.

Not only that, but if you head North, you’ve got the Scandinavian countries to visit as well. Go to Finland and experience the Northern Lights up close and personal, or head over to Denmark, and have a direct link back to the rest of Europe if you get too cold.

Make Historical Locations Your Top Priority

Historical locations always look prettier in the winter, and you’ll never get better photos to take back home and develop for the photo album whilst you’re there. So make sure that any historical or famous landmarks near where you’re staying are at the top of the list - you want to go sightseeing anyway, and you don’t have much time to fit everything in!

Seeing as the night falls faster in the winter time, you’re going to be able to frame the shots with your own lighting. If you’ve got a partner, there’s some real chance for romantic snaps here!

Hit the Slopes

A winter vacation means one thing and one thing only - ski slopes. Try your hand at swooshing down some of the most famous slopes in all of the world, feeling the adrenaline rush through you as you try to stay balanced and not fall flat on your face. It’s a great vacationing moment to have on camera, and is always something to look back on with a bit of fondness.

Remember, a late winter vacation might just be the best pursuit for you right now!

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