These Amazing Skiing Destinations Are Just Waiting For You To Find Them!


There's nothing like the crisp feeling of white fluffy snow under your feet. Some people might find themselves spending all year longing for the sunshine but for others; the cold weather is where the most fun can be had. And what is the most fun that you can have in the snow? Skiing of course! There's nothing quite so exhilarating as racing down the slopes at high speeds. Sure there are those who’d rather feel the sand between their toes but no matter what your level of experience is, skiing is one of the most enjoyable and exciting activities around. The only problem is, where to go? There are thousands of ski resorts all across the world and it's darn near impossible to figure out exactly which one to choose! Well, worry not intrepid adventurer! Because here is a list of some of the best ski resorts in the world. Each of them has something amazing to offer, and you're guaranteed to have an amazing time whichever you choose.


The French Alps is, for many people, the last word in European skiing. With utterly beautiful slopes surrounded on all sides by some incredible vistas, you'll want to stop for a moment just to enjoy the view before it turns to a blur before as you race to the bottom. Not only that but the services and chalets are extremely plentiful and all very high quality. With resorts offering catered services and more, France is an ideal destination for those who want to ski, but also enjoy their creature comforts.

Val Thorens

If you're the kind of snow sports junky who simply can't get enough of the slopes, then Val Thorens is the place for you. Not only is it the highest point in the Trois Vallées region, at 7,500 feet up, this resort is the highest in Europe! Because of the altitude, Val Thorens get's a liberal amount of snow that tends to last a lot longer than many other resorts, meaning that you're much less limited over when you get to visit and enjoy the slopes. Not only that but there are plenty of trails that are linked to places like the Méribel and Courchevel valleys, giving you plenty of places to explore and enjoy during your time there.

Sainte Foy

When you think of French skiing vacations, you probably think of the major resorts that are filled with people, making the whole thing more stressful than it's really worth. If that sounds like your nightmare, then Sainte Foy is the perfect antidote for you. With slopes that offer a lot of family-friendly fun and some truly remarkable off-piste skiing, Sainte Foy really is the ideal destination for anyone who's looking for a slightly quieter, more relaxed experience than you might normally expect out of a French skiing holiday.


There are already so many reasons to visit Austria that it almost feels cheating that it also has some of the finest ski slopes in the world.


If you're looking for somewhere that is simply oozing with charm, then this wonderful Lakeside resort is absolutely perfect. Not only does this resort feature a wonderful medieval core but features incredibly varied slopes that range from wooded slopes those who like to go cross country, to glacier skiing for those who want to pick up some serious speed. It might not be a place that you hear about all that often, but it's the kind of place that you could easily find yourself returning to again and again, year after year.


If you're looking to log some serious miles on the slopes, then Hochkoenig is ideal with thousands of meters of serious up-and-down slopes across as many as five different summits. Whether you're looking for a place to stay, that's totally modern or something a little more traditional, Hochkoenig has something fantastic to offer.



It's amazing that Andorra isn’t more popular because it often feels as though it really has everything you could ever want. Not only does Andorra have some truly wonderful slopes for skiers of pretty much any level, but thanks to its tax haven status it's great for doing some duty-free shopping. Something that is made even better by the presence of plenty of jewelers and boutiques all through the region. Sure France and Spain to either side might be more popular, but there is plenty of charm to be found here in the Pyrenees mountains.


There is an extremely good reason why Canada tends to find itself on the top of a whole bunch of different "best destination" lists. It's because the slopes up there are truly amazing. From high-speed adrenaline slopes to rural forest trails, there's something for everyone on the Canadian mountains. Not only that but it might be one of the most beautiful places in the world. With views that go on for miles and miles covering lush forests and towering mountains. Not only that but there are plenty of wonderful things to do in Canada that are sure to keep any visitor extremely happy.

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If you want to get a fantastic skiing holiday without paying out the nose for it, then Bulgaria is the place for you. The country has been pouring a lot of money into the slopes, and it really shows. With slopes to accommodate every ski level and a fantastic apres ski scene, Bulgaria is many skiers vision of paradise. But if you're going to go, go now. One of the main draws of Bulgaria is just how cheap it is, but as people become more and more aware of it, the price is going to start increasing. So if you want a cheap ski holiday without sacrificing quality, you're going to want to get in fast!


People always tend to forget about Finland as a skiing destination because of the fact that it's not nearly as mountainous as many other destinations. But that doesn't mean it doesn't have some truly fantastic cross-country skiing to offer. With gorgeous landscapes to explore, there are few places better than Finland for those who want to go cross country. Of course, the mountains that are there offer some absolutely fantastic, fast-paced skiing as well. It's a fantastic destination for both beginners and experts and is particularly good for families thanks to the extremely well-appointed resorts that are available for a very reasonable price.


Of course, if you want an alternative to Finland that offers some equally amazing cross-country skiing then Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming should be right at the top of your life. Visiting Yellowstone can sometimes feel like something straight out of a fairytale. From the beautiful slopes to the amazing landscapes, not to mention to the varied and abundant wildlife in the area as well. It’s a little less distant than some of the other options so why not take a trip and see for yourself how much this criminally underrated skiing destination has to offer!


Lying beneath the iconic Matterhorn peak, the Swiss resort of Zermatt is one of the most popular destinations in the world for both skiers and hikers alike. Not only are the slopes genuinely fantastic but the apres-ski scene is one of the best in the world, with bars, restaurants galore as well as a whole host of different boutiques that can keep you entertained even when you're not hitting the slopes.

The truth is that there are so many amazing resorts out there that it can often feel impossible to choose between them. Of course, the very best way to solve that problem is to make a list of all of the resorts and destinations that sound best to you, and try to tick them off one by one over the years!

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