The Perks Of A Private Townhouses Within A Larger Condo Building

By Diana Benitez

Understandably enough, moving out to live on your own is one major milestone. An even greater one is moving into a townhome. A condo, even. These are two very stable and worthwhile investments that can sometimes rile people up because which is best? Is one cheating you of what you could have? Why not have both.

Let us begin with townhomes. Townhomes are the next best thing to an actual house. You, as a resident, can actually own it. The ownership rights are often greater than that of your typical apartment, depending on how much land is included in your purchase. There is the downfall of having to share a wall or a middle structure with another townhome. That being said, because of the possible additions to your property, townhomes also tend to be more expensive than a condo.

Moving onto condos, they also offer a great deal of benefits for anyone searching for a real commitment to their living situation. Condos are also owned by a resident, but the largest difference between condos and townhomes is the spacing of the physical structure. Condos are sold as a unit within a building (or as part of a community of buildings) of other similar units. With those limits in mind, in a condominium, you do have the shared amenities. This can include a unit gym, pool, outdoor grounds, entertainment center, etc.

What they both have in common is the ownership of a residential property for yourself and that they are most common in urban or suburban areas. The differences become a lot more pronounced when you live in a big city and have a busy schedule. An inconvenience arises to townhomes when you aren’t home to accept an important package, or if you aren’t home to let someone in. But townhomes are a New Yorker’s dream, right? So, if townhomes and condos aren’t that much different, it’d be much more beneficial to have a townhouse if they were in a condominium. Introducing a new wave of residencies for the modern city-dweller, these homes allow the full amenities of a condo – doorperson, shared recreations – but still within one’s own townhome (private entrances, patio areas, etc.).

We’ve rounded up a few of our favorites:

11 Beach St.

11 Beach St.

11 Beach Street

o   3 townhouse residences, each with three floors including private entrances and elevator for each floor

o   Each home comes with a personal (yes, personal) 50-foot subterranean pool, sauna, and steam showers

555 West End Ave

555 West End Ave

555 West End Avenue

o   13 residencies with the magnificent architecture from its origin as a prestigious private school

o   Beautiful entry foyers, outstanding kitchens, beautiful high-rise ceilings, and an abundance of natural light

20 East End Ave

o   Two duplex homes with interiors by Robert A.M. Stern Architects

o   Perfect for entertaining

o   Grand interiors include sculptural staircase leading to private areas of home (also with private elevators and personal gardens)


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