8 Ways To Make A Flight More Comfortable


Although flying to a new destination is an incredibly exciting feeling, it can also be one of the most uncomfortable things you have to experience. Whether you're flying long haul or short haul, cramming yourself into a small space for a number of hours with limited air isn't anyone's idea of paradise. With that in mind, here are 8 ways to make a flight feel much more comfortable:

Make Sure You're Wearing Comfortable Clothes

The first, and probably the most important, thing you need to do is make sure you're wearing comfortable clothes. As you will be sitting for the majority of your flight it is important you find an outfit that you're comfortable sitting down in. Whether it's a floaty dress or leggings and a jumper - your comfort should definitely come above style. For airplane outfit inspiration, you can visit this site here.

Wear The Right Shoes

As well as making sure you're wearing an outfit, you need to ensure you're wearing comfortable shoes. If you're on a medium or long haul flight that you need to consider the fact your feet will swell whilst you're in the air, so wearing something restrictive will start to cause you pain after a certain amount of time. One of the best methods of footwear, depending on the weather, are sandals. Not only can you slip them off easily if your feet get sore, but they won't restrict your feet if they start to swell.

Pack Moisturizer And Lip Balm To Help Keep Your Skin Hydrated

One of the most uncomfortable aspects of a flight is the lack of air and the excessive aircon that is always blowing through the cabin. Because of this, your skin will dry up quite quickly. To help avoid this you need to ensure you've packed plenty of moisturisers and lip balm to help keep your skin hydrated - especially if you know you suffer from dry skin regardless of whether you're on a plane or not. For the best results, take a moisturiser that has added hydration properties.

Pick A Seat You Know You'll Be Comfortable In

If you're going to be sitting in your seat for a long time ten you need to ensure you're picking a seat that you're going to be comfortable in. If you've flown before then you will know whether or not you prefer the window, middle or aisle and if you pay to reserve your seats you can ensure you get the ones you want. If you've never flown before, it may be best to ask around which seat will be best for your requirements - whether you want to have quick access to the toilets or if you want to have the best space to fall asleep.

Take Hard Boiled Sweets For Landing And Take Off

Although not everyone will experience it, taking off and landing can make your ears pop. Whilst this may not seem like a big deal, it can lead to earaches and hearing loss in the future. To help avoid having to visit your doctors for a hearing aid fitting, taking hard boil sweets will help prevent your ears popping and perforating on a flight. if you're really worried, make sure you're speaking to your doctor before you fly as they'll be able to offer you the best possible advice.

Buy Plenty Of Water Once You've Passed Through Security

Once you have made it through security and you no longer have a limit on the size of liquids you can take on board, it's best to ensure you're buying a couple of bottles of water. Whilst you will be able to buy water on board it's much cheaper and much more efficient to purchase it at the airport, especially if you want a large bottle.

Pack Some Light Snacks

Depending on how long your flight is, you may want to pack yourself some snacks for the journey. Although you can purchase these on board you can't guarantee you're going to like everything they have, especially if you're travelling with fussy eaters. Purchase a couple of things before you board and if you don't eat them, you can save them for when you arrive!

Create A Relaxing Playlist To Listen To As You Fly

Finally, if you're a nervous flyer and you need to relax, why not create yourself a relaxing playlist of all your favourite songs? Once you're in the air you will be able to pop your headphones in and spend the entire flight listening to your favourite bands. What could be better?

Do you fly often? How do you make sure your flights are as comfortable as you possibly can? Let me know in the comments section below.

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