The Art of Driving a Sports Car


The car you drive is one of the symbols that represent you wherever you go. The vehicle you leave in front of the restaurant is practically your first statement. In a way, your car says ‘Hello’ or ‘Good morning’ to everyone inside before you do.

Symbols are the integral parts of nonverbal communication. Also, you must have heard that cars are considered to be the symbols of status, along with watches, yachts, designer suits, etc. So, if you care about your nonverbal communication, you’ll care about this text too. Those who have a sports car parked in their garage will discover that there is more to their car than meets the eye. On the other hand, those who are yet to afford one will find a few more reasons to do it as soon as possible.

Beware of the adrenaline addicts

People always notice sports cars. That’s because there is something particularly sexy and appealing about them. Those who already have a sports car have probably noticed how people stare at them while they are waiting for the light to turn green. Sometimes, people stare so fixedly that it becomes scary – their nonverbal communication basically says ‘I’d kill to have this one’. And, perhaps they would – these days, you never know with all sorts of people wandering around.

Then, there are people who just can’t resist racing with guys in sports cars. So, consider yourself warned to beware of the adrenaline addicts in traffic. While you might be one of them, keep in mind that races are not for everyday traffic in a populated place.

Drive safely


While driving a sports car, you can feel tempted to try your own Fast and Furious scenario. However, regardless of the possibilities that come with your fancy new car, driving safely should always be your priority.

Adjusting your driving style to your car is just one of the things that you can do to improve safety. Everyone will thank you for being a responsible driver – from the passengers and other drivers on the road to your own car and the family that loves you. If you have a powerful performance car, you’ll need to balance it much better, as well as be progressive with your inputs. Also, considering the price tag, it doesn’t come as a surprise that the maintenance of sports cars isn’t cheap either, so make sure you have a budget that can cover the expenses of services and parts because insurance might not cover all the accidents.

Having this in mind, you’d probably want to: 1) master your driving skills before buying a sports car, and 2) always have enough money to afford proper maintenance.

Lastly, remember that no matter how powerful and attractive you may look, nobody likes obnoxious douchebags who risk other people’s lives in traffic.

Be well dressed

If you are in charge of a stylish car, your image better match the car’s reputation.

Of course, if you’re driving to a local grocery shop, you can afford to look like you’ve just jumped out of bed. However, on any other occasion, you better not look lazy and messy. While the ‘I don’t care what others think’ type of attitude mostly works fine and even adds something extra to your presence and self-esteem, this is not the right time to try it. A stylish sports car definitely requires a stylish person driving it.

A study carried out by the Temple University has shown that people identify with their cars to the extent that cars become the inherent extensions of their bodies. You probably wouldn’t like to look like a messy person with an extension that looks way more lavish than you do. Look good instead. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you must drive in a designer suit, but hey, why not? Do you remember the fancy restaurant from the beginning of our story? Your sports car is a powerful statement for itself. And, because you enter the restaurant only a few seconds later, try not to ruin the exciting moment that people around you will remember for many more days to come.

Bring on your attitude


Driving a sports car doesn’t only make you look more attractive, but it also emphasizes your attitude. Of course, if you have it.

Let’s admit this – sitting in a statement car looking like a shy and boring person is just… blah. A big NO!

Bring on an attitude and you’ll see a world of new opportunities open up in front of you. Experienced drivers say that, when they drive a sports car, people are weirdly nice to them. That’s not really surprising. A lot of people sometimes lack excitement in their lives. So, when they see someone enjoying a hot evening in a good-looking convertible, they start thinking ‘Wow, this person embodies luxury, excitement, and joy’. This can bring you so many chances in life if you know how to cope with the attention you’ll inevitably get.

“Remember: the car is you, you are the car. Okay? Let's ride!” (Gone in 60 Seconds, American movie, 2000)

Good luck!