Our Beauty Gift Guide To Glam Up The Holidays

By Shaunna Redman

Tis' the season to give the gift of relaxation and fun. These awesome products will make you the gift-giving MVP this year, and maybe help you find a new product to add to your daily beauty rituals.

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The best way to help you relax without all the packaging is with Lush's Sleepy Naked Shower Gel. It's called naked because the only packaging is the product itself. Sounds crazy, right? You just add water to the bottle and it begins to give off sudzy, lavender scented, purple bubbles that smooth your skin and promotes relaxation. The best part is that Lush is against animal-testing so they use ingredients from suppliers that don't use animals as test subjects. Also, all of their products are handmade and vegan.

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Enjoy giving the gift of a healthy beard with Brooklyn Grooming's Commando Beard Oil. This unscented beard oil helps prevent beards from becoming frail, scratchy, and dry. It also prevents your skin from flaking and causing dandruff in your beard. Brooklyn Grooming's beard oil is handmade, organic, and not tested on animals.


Just in time for the holidays, FARSÁLI introduces Liquid Glass, an innovative limited-edition formula that promises glassy, dewy skin in one single step. Inspired by the Korean skincare trend of “glass skin” FARSÁLI has taken out the ten steps it usually takes to achieve and packed them into one great bottle to hydrate, illuminate and give you translucent, crystal-like skin. This product can be used as a radiating skin serum, or as a primer before or after makeup application.

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If you know someone who says their makeup is stubborn to remove, Eve Lom is the perfect gift to give them. Eve Lom is a gel balm facial cleanser that is highly rated for removing makeup with ease. It also helps hydrate dry skin to make your skin kissably soft for the mistletoe. Eve Lom doesn't contain any sulfates, parabens, or phthalates so it's good for all skin types.  

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Give the gift of a good night's sleep with Slip. Slip is a luxury sleep mask made from mulberry silk, which is more smooth than synthetic silk that most sleep masks use. The Slip sleep mask is extra thick, but lightweight and durable. It also doesn't pull at your skin, so you don't have to worry about skin damage.

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