Fun and New: TV Couples As Drinks

By Aura "Kymi" Manjarrez

Think of your favorite TV Show. Now think of your favorite drink. Now think of both of them, together and at the same time; no, we're not talking about drinking while binging Netflix [or, not necessarily!]. What if we told you that your favorite TV Pair, regardless of the show it comes from, had a drink of their own?

Photo Credit HBO

Photo Credit HBO

Whether you're a fan of medical shows [looking at you, Grey's Anatomy fans] or go for the classic comedy, reinventing the concept of "drinking games" is something anyone can do. And although this might not be much of a game more than it is a fun way to express your love for a series, we guarantee you that the combinations below will be both delicious and the star of the show at a house party:

 Ross & Rachel, Friends - San Marzano Sessantanni Primitivo di Manduria DOP 2015, Puglia, Italy

The #1 Hit Series that keeps bringing people in, Friends is notorious for lines such as "We were on a BREAK", "How You Doin' " and "Chandler Bing, we meet again". And, loyal to the fan-favorite, we picked Ross and Rachel for this elegant wine. Made from Primitivo grapes that were hand-harvested at an advanced stage of ripening, the Sessantanni is aromatic with soft, elegant tannins. With the ability to age perfectly for many years, this complex, balanced wine can be enjoyed for just about the amount of time we waited for this Friends relationship to work out for the long run.   

Lily & Marshall, How I Met Your Mother - Château de Berne Inspiration Rosé 2017, Provence, France

This delicately pink rosé, typical of Provence, is produced at one of the most beautiful estates and is perfect for a cozy night in New York City with a loved one. Fresh and balanced, Inspiration Rosé is the ideal any-day-of-the-week wine to elevate a dinner and Netflix night, just as the loyal Lily and Marshall find simple ways to celebrate each other. 

Jim & Pam, The Office - Côtes du Rhône Red, Rhône, France

As affordable as Dunder Mifflin paper, Côtes du Rhône reds from the Rhône Valley promise great value and quality. Always reliable like the relationship between Jim and Pam, pick up a bottle and enjoy its medium-bodied character and notes of ripe, robust fruit and spice. Just like The Office itself, it'll become a classic that you'll want to repeat over and over!

Will & Grace, Will & Grace - Crémant d’Alsace Brut, Alsace, France

Crémant d’Alsace is an affordable French sparkling wine, produced in the northeastern region of Alsace. Not always a first thought when it comes to bubblies—just as Will and Grace might not be the typical TV couple—Crémant d’Alsace should be appreciated for its authenticity and freshness. Also similar to Will and Grace, these delicious, fruit-forward sparkling wines are perfect for anytime and are always relevant.

Cam & Mitchell, Modern Family - Red Wines of Paso Robles, California

Like the dynamic force that is Cam and Mitchell, Paso Robles is a modern winemaking region not traditionally associated with one specific style. In this Central Coast AVA, winemakers experiment with 60 varieties that thrive across its varied landscape to produce elegant, yet structured wines from bold Cabernets to zesty Zinfandels and suave Aglianicos. Now, if you don't think this sound exactly like something Cam would bring to a family dinner, only to have Mitchell spill all over Gloria's fabulous dress or a very expensive, very beautiful tablecloth, then you've not watched Modern Family at all!

Nick & Jess, New Girl - Cognac V.S.O.P. Cognac, France

If you are searching for something a bit off-beat to match with the quirky and fun couple that is Nick and Jess, pick up a bottle of a cognac V.S.O.P. Meaning “very special old pale” and signifying a minimum aging of 4 years, the cognac V.S.O.P. category has intense flavors of citrus, floral and dried fruits that would fit right in at their hip Los Angeles loft. Jess has many times said that she's always "in the wrong place, in the wrong time", but we guarantee that you can never go wrong with this aromatic wine.


Carrie & Big, Sex and the City - Champagne Laurent-Perrier Cuvée Rosé NV, Champagne, France

Just like Big and Carrie, this iconic 100% Pinot Noir rosé champagne is classic and timeless. It is bright and lively, with notes of fresh strawberry and red currant. Pair it with Manolo Blahniks and Vivienne Westwood or Chinese takeout—either way, it’s just as wonderful.

 Don't limit yourself to these, however! It's always fun to explore options and possibilities that you think fit either your favorite TV Couple or series in general! Personally, we like to stick to a Scrubs classic and sit to enjoy some Bahama Mamas.

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