Fun Weekend Plans For One

Lots of people don’t tend to associate weekend plans for one with fun, but there’s all kinds of fun stuff you can do when you have some time to spend alone. Too many people think that they constantly have to be socializing or planning things with other people, but this is not the case. Spending time with others can be fulfilling and fun, but sometimes, it can be a distraction from yourself. People don’t like themselves all that much, so they don’t like spending a lot of time alone! This should change. Learning to like yourself is one of the most powerful things you can do and will enhance your life in numerous ways.

Below, we’ll discuss a few fun things you can do when you have some time to spend alone. Take a look and you won’t try to fill all of your time with distractions in the future:

Take Yourself Out On A Date

Taking yourself out on a date might be something that you once considered as ‘sad’, but it’s actually such a powerful way to get to know yourself. Why wait for somebody else to take you out? It can be empowering to go out and eat alone, and even go to watch a movie at the cinema. You’ll be able to do absolutely anything you like with nobody to answer to, and you’ll likely build your confidence and sense of freedom like never before.

Plan A Cosy Night In

If you don’t fancy going out, there are lots of things you can do at home. Plan a cosy night in with a rented movie and some drinks from the Beer of the month club. You could even book your takeaway food in advance, or plan to cook yourself something tasty and fresh. Spending some time to yourself can be great for the mind and body.


Explore A New Place

How about going out for the day to explore a new place? Maybe there’s a town or city you’ve wanted to visit for a while, but nobody would agree to go with you. Don’t wait for somebody else! Head on over, see the sites, visit galleries and museums - even book a room and stay over! Doing things like this forces you to get comfortable with your own company, and once you enjoy it, you probably won’t want to go back.

Try A New Hobby

Is there a hobby you’ve been thinking about trying for a while? Maybe you’ve been itching to get a canvas and some paints out, or you really want to see if you can knit something special. Learn a new skill on the weekend and you'll feel fulfilled for the rest of the week.

Start A DIY Project

How about starting a project you’ve been meaning to get going on? You could fix something, reupholster something, or find some tutorials online to get some ideas.

A free weekend gives you the opportunity to have some fun, catch up with things you’ve been meaning to do, and relax, all while learning to love your own company!

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