Canny Experience Cali Without The Glitz And Glamour?


Think of California and the first thing that springs to mind is Hollywood. Let’s go to Los Angeles and spot some celebrities. Then, we can move onto the sign on the top of the hill, and finally, we can eat in a Michelin-starred restaurant before retiring to a four-poster bed. Yep, everything about Cali screams glitz and glamour when LA is involved.

The high life isn’t for everyone. Some people prefer camping or glamping in the wilderness with only a sleeping bag for comfort. Others like to explore charming towns and cities. Well, California has it all. Here’s how to experience it without going all Beverly Hills.

Start In San Francisco

San Fran is a weird place because it has the hustle and bustle of an east coast city in the west. The San Andreas Fault line has turned the roads and pathways into near hills; they are that big. Trams zoom in and out and pizza is served as if Chicago and New York were down the road. What’s fantastic about this is the lack of pretension. People flock to China Town or Alcatraz or Union Square without the slightest thought of looking or acting like a star. Even the Golden Gate Bridge is amazingly humble.

Drive Down To Yosemite

Choosing a national park in Cali is like picking a favorite child. You have one, but you don’t like to admit it! Only kidding. From Death Valley to the Mojave Reserve, the natural sights are spectacular. And, there’s no better way to shun the movie star life than to spend time in the wilderness. Yosemite has to take the crown, though. With the likes of the Half Dome and the Upper Falls, the hikes are hard yet rewarding. You can heighten the experience by staying in a cabin in the grounds and going off the grid.

Experience Santa Barbara

SB is more glamorous than the other spots on this list. But, let’s not lie and say we hate a bit of pampering. Sometimes, it’s nice to spend the day shopping, eating and drinking, not necessarily in that order. Santa Barbara is an excellent location because it’s got a fantastic mix. The center is a little upmarket, but the surrounding areas are quiet and secluded. First and Oak is a restaurant in Solvang which is well worth the trip. Other than that, check out Santa Maria, San Luis Obispo, and Pismo Beach. The latter is a beach town with cool vibes.

Mooch In Monterey

Speaking of neat beach towns, Monterey has all the bases covered. The coastline hugs the shore and makes for spectacular activities. The bay is home to some of the best whale-watching in the world. For $50, you can go out on a boat and spot blue whales, humpback, dolphins, and orcas. Families can head to Santa Cruz and spend a day on the boardwalk eating junk food and enjoying the rides. There’s nothing elegant about a corndog!

What are your favorite spots in Cali that don’t include LA?

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