Forget The US... It's All About Canada

Canada really is a glorious place to visit, and we really do think that you’ll find that it has so much more to offer than the US. More and more people are visiting, and Canada just seems to be firing more reasons at us to visit! The prices won’t make your eyes water, but the scenery might. It’s such a beautiful and vast landscape, filled with so many different habitats. From the frozen mountains, to the green forests, we know you’ll find something you like here in terms of nature. However, if you’re looking for something a bit more full of life, Canada has that for you too! Places such as Vancouver are really hustle and bustle. But before we give it all away to you, let's begin the article, and see if you feel the urge to travel there.


Big City Lights

Canada isn’t all about the big mountains, beautiful lakes, and forests that stretch for miles. Canada has become more about the big cities, and what they have to offer. There’s two main ones that people like the visit, Toronto and Vancouver. Toronto is the capital of the province of Ontario, the one that lines the border to the US. Ontario as a whole is just so beautiful, and you’ll find plenty of places to stay, eat and explore. It’s pretty cheap if you’re looking to bed down for the night, just check out places such as this hotel in London, Ontario. But, if you’re going to go to Toronto, we highly recommend that you take a trip to the Toronto Eaton Center. It’s a huge shopping center that attracts thousands of people every month, and there’s every shop you could wish for there. You should also brave the heights, and take a trip up the CN tower. You can have a nice drink or meal at the top! If you’re going to vancouver, we think you’ll like taking a trip to Grouse mountain. You can go up and down on the cable carts, and it’s just a really pretty day out if you want to take in some of the lovely views. Or, you could go a walk around the city, eat some great food, and drink some lovely cocktails!

Calming Nature Sights

It all depends on which part of Canada you go to, but we promise you every part has something great to offer in terms of nature. You’ve got the famous Banff national park, which is home to beautiful crystal clear lakes, and nature trails that will leave you walking for hours. Or you could find the Jasper National Park to go and have a mooch around. Again, it has stunning lakes, outdoor activities to take part in, and guided tours to take you to the best spots.

Food Delights

Again, it all depends on where you go, but you will find a culinary treat in each part of Canada. If you do decide to stay in Toronto, you’ve got restaurants such as the Alo, and the Yasu, which serves lovely Japanese food. Or, you could go to one of the typical American chains, such as Applebee’s, and we promise you, you will leave stuffed to the brim, and filled with tasty food!

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