Camping On The American West Coast

Could you do with a bit more sun, sea, and sand in your life right now? Maybe you’d like to get in touch with the great outdoors, where the fields are green and the sun is constantly bathing you in its rays? Maybe you just fancy a trip to the West Coast, but you don’t know what the best way to experience it is? Well, now’s your chance to learn some of the best camping spots across the most famous coast in America, save some money whilst you’re off on the adventure, and have a great vacation as a result.



California. It’s the place people move to when they’ve ‘made it’, and you’ve probably vacationed here quite a bit before now. So why not camp? There’s a couple of great spots:  The Goldfield Campground, near Hayfork, is great for people who love to hike, and really want the opportunity to stretch their legs this vacation, and the Del Norte Coast Redwoods park is perfect for those who want a little privacy and seclusion in a forest within their camp.

Even Los Angeles has some great camping spots for you to look around, in between all the star spotting and palm tree sunning you like to do walking around the city. Places like Malibu Creek are only 30 or so miles away from the metropolis, and it’s a great site for beginners to stake their tent on. And don’t worry, there’s plenty of Camping Equipment Rental Los Angeles to go around!


Washington is one of the most northern states on America’s West Coast, but there’s a huge variety of campgrounds here for you to choose from. Seeing as Washington is quite famous for its lakes, you can be assured of some great fishing spots as well, if that’s one of your hobbies!

Mount Rainier is a very popular destination, and there’s about three camp spots you can try to pitch up in if the base of a volcano tempts you. If you’re someone who’s brought some grapples and other climbing equipment along with you, the Wenatchee National Forest will be a great spot for you, and you don’t even have to reserve a spot first!


Oregon is quite possibly the best place to try and camp within the whole of the American West Coast, and you’re going to be able to hike, road trip, and sit and roast marshmallows all in one whilst you’re there, with barely anyone around to bother you.

If you want to head towards the beach, you can try out the Tillicum Beach Campground, where you can even set up a caravan if you want. If you want to go more inland, and be closer to iconic landscapes such as Mt. Jefferson, you can try out the Horseshoe Lake Campground, which is a lot smaller and more private.

Wherever you decide to go on America’s West Coast, you’re going to find a campground that you’ll love.

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