Are You In The Shadiest Area In Your Borough?

Ever go into a new apartment and find it darker than your basement apartment? We all want bright lit apartments that give you the best light while posing for your #OOTD.

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While it’s impossible to tell how an apartment may be at every given time, has put in new insights for every address in New York City, created an algorithm assessing the sunlight and shade at every building in the five boroughs. You can search any address, and will describe the direct sunlight on every side of the building, throughout the year. The descriptions include the brightest hours of the day, along with how different floors are affected by shadows cast from surrounding buildings.

213 Park Ave. South, for example. If you go to the five-story luxury rental during the winter between 2 and 4 p.m. — common times for open houses — you’d think the apartments got great, bright light. What you wouldn’t know is that those are basically the only two hours when there is direct sunlight during that time of year.

Once home to the legendary Max’s Kansas City — frequented by Andy Warhol, the Velvet Underground and countless other artists — now has four lofts with private keyed elevators. A three-bedroom apartment listed in February asked $14,000 a month. This address has another distinction: It’s among the top 10 Manhattan residential buildings with the least amount of direct natural sunlight, according to the groundbreaking analysis from


It May Have Bright Light now but not in a few years


The analysis revealed, for instance, how new buildings that may seem brilliantly bright might soon be cast in shadow within a few years as new structures are built around it.

That’s what’s happening, for instance, on the Williamsburg waterfront. In the first wave of new development along the Williamsburg waterfront a decade ago, came Edge’s south tower, a 15-story condo built at 22 N. Sixth St. in 2008. It was joined by the 29-story condo, 1 Northside Pier, and its 30-story sister, 2 Northside Piers.  In 2014, the rental at 1 N. Fourth Pl. rose nearby to 41 stories. These four towers all cast shadows on each other.

So, how shady is your home? Search your address to see how much sun your building gets and let us know in the comments.

Below are each borough’s top 5 most shaded apartment buildings with four or more units:


  • 615 St. Johns Pl., Crown Heights

  • 462 Madison St., Bedford-Stuyvesant

  • 162 Monroe St., Bedford-Stuyvesant

  • 163 Remsen St., Brooklyn Heights

  • 212 Evergreen Ave., Bushwick



  • 32 East 169th St., Concourse

  • 510 East 163 St., Melrose

  • 109 Henwood Pl., Tremont

  • 3221 3rd Ave., Melrose

  • 413 East 154 St., Melrose



  • 8 Liberty Pl., Financial District

  • 160 West 54 St., Midtown

  • 54 Pine St., Financial District

  • 60 West 45 St., Midtown

  • 309 West 50 St., Midtown



  • 41-21 29 St., Long Island City

  • 23-06 31 Ave., Astoria

  • 26-20 Jackson Ave., Long Island City

  • 41-26 Crescent St., Long Island City

  • 23-18 30 Dr., Astoria



  • 62 Wall St.

  • 36 Monroe Ave.

  • 30 Avon Pl.

  • 26 Avon Pl.

  • 104 St Marks Pl.

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