Adopt, don't shop: We're serious

By Aura "Kymi" Manjarrez

People are quick to dish out on cute little fuzzy friends, and expect things to remain unchanged. Cute and fuzzy is how they get them, cute and fuzzy is how they want them. But animals, everybody knows [or should know] just like humans, age and grow and change. And so just as they're buying a new pet, they're planning on finding a way to get rid of them as soon as they start to age.


This is why it's important to enforce the Adopt Don't Shop ideology; not only is shopping detrimental to the animals' health [unhealthy breeding techniques, animal trafficking and illegal licencing aren't unheard of] but can also prove to be a strain on the household economy if having a pet turns out not to be for you.

Adopting is really easy: there are tons of websites, social media pages and physical locations all over the country [and all over the world] that walk people through the process and help them find their ideal partner, regardless of how old, fit, beautiful or healthy they require their prospective fuzzy friend to be; after all, animals are little worlds of their own and come in all sorts of shapes, forms, abilities and colors.

If we've caught your interest, we recommend looking at this article by the Canine Journal, and then taking a dive into PetFinder, which is bound to help you find the right friend for you!

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