4 DIY Fixes to Make Before Putting Your Home on the Market

Citation:©[Daxiao Productions]/Adobe Stock

Citation:©[Daxiao Productions]/Adobe Stock

Improving your home’s appearance can have a major impact on its resale value as well as on how quickly it sells. We share four DIY fixes to make before putting your home on the market. Additionally, we want to touch on a few projects you should never complete yourself.

Paint Your Home’s Interior

Fortunately, painting your home is not only simple—it also completely transforms your space. A fresh coat of paint can do wonders for a room by covering up little imperfections and making the space feel more welcoming. When you paint, we suggest that you stick to neutral colors such as beiges, grays, and whites. These colors are versatile and appealing to every taste.

Renovate the Bathrooms

People frequently occupy bathrooms, so it’s important to avoid overlooking this space. Clean, updated bathrooms are certain to increase your home’s value. Invest in new cabinet hardware, door handles, lights, and flooring. Additionally, if necessary, refinish the shower tile and tub.

Replace Carpet with Wood

Although this task seems a little intimidating, you can easily remove carpets and redo your floors with the right tools. Wood floors are highly desirable to prospective homeowners; no matter what type of wood you select, it’ll make any room look fantastic.

Update Your Kitchen

Like bathrooms, kitchens have plenty of foot traffic, so a dated kitchen is likely to turn off potential buyers. New cabinets and stainless steel appliances look modern and boost your home’s value. If your kitchen needs an upgrade, it’s best to repair it before you put your home on the market.

What About DIY Fixes You Should Never Make?

  • Remove Popcorn Ceilings: You may be tempted to remove popcorn ceilings yourself, but they may contain asbestos. Before you choose to take on this task, consult your local experts.

  • Waterproof the House: Waterproofing your home sounds like a simple job, but if you attempt to do it yourself, you run the risk of making a number of costly mistakes. It takes a team of people to properly protect your basement and foundation against moisture. You should always leave waterproofing repairs to the professionals.

  • Make Electrical Repairs: You may be considering making electrical repairs yourself, especially if you have an older house. However, it’s easy to make a wrong move, so leave properly wiring your home to an expert.

  • Repair the Roof: When it comes to your roof, only professionals should handle the repairs. You may seriously injure yourself, and you could also harm your home’s structural integrity.

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