3 Ways to Share the Road Safely with Scooter Riders

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Road safety is everyone’s responsibility; it matters little what sort of vehicle or amount of space you occupy on the road. Pedestrians, scooter riders, motorcyclists, car drivers and truck drivers all should be aware of the safety tips that ensure everyone using the roads is as safe as possible.

Driving ensures that all of your senses are keyed in to your surroundings, and as a driver, you must have the ability to properly and correctly navigate your vehicle, while keeping other road users in mind. Unfortunately, many drivers seem to be unaware that there are vehicles which share the road with them that may not be as big, and fail to look out for scooters and motorcycles as they make turns or throw open car doors. In fact, one of the major causes of accidents incurred by motorcyclists is a vehicle turning in front of an oncoming motorcycling.

Here’s how road users can share the road safely with scooter riders;

Give enough Space

Cyclists and scooter riders are privileged to be in possession of vehicles that can easily cut traffic, and the size of their rides allow them easily make sharp cuts, weaving in and out to avoid potholes, pedestrians and sometimes other vehicles. Due to their somehow unpredictable driving, it is often best to give them as much space on the road as is possible to avoid suddenly running into them or the other way round. It is best to remember that most times, in the case of an accident, the scooter rider will be the one to suffer the major injuries, as their gear offers so little protection from harm. Make sure to leave at least three feet between you and the scooter rider.

Look before opening doors

There are more cases than there should be of vehicle drivers or passengers carelessly opening their car doors and a scooter or motorcycle rider slamming into them. Make sure to always look into your mirror to ensure there is not any oncoming rider before opening your parked car door. Again, the injuries that could be incurred by the rider could be fatal, while your car door would suffer little more than a dent and scratch.

Stay Alert

Drivers often do not see cyclists and scooter riders until it is perhaps too late to avoid a crash, so it is important for them to always check their mirrors for blind spots and also scan the road thoroughly before cutting any corners, or making an exit. The riders are also more prone to slipping on the road in case of bad weather, so it is very important to be aware of the rider in front of, beside and behind your vehicle.

These tips may be meant for vehicle drivers, but scooter riders should also follow these rules;

·       Always wear a helmet

·       Keep off riding on the sidewalk

·       Give yourself space from motor vehicles

·       Always stay on the bike lane

·       Follow all traffic rules

·       Properly signal to other road users


Make sure you always stay safe while driving. If you ever face any traffic related charge or traffic ticket, find a traffic ticket lawyer to represent you.  If you are from San Francisco, traffic ticket lawyer San Francisco can help you get out of the trouble quickly without worrying much about it. Know different ways you can share road safely with other road users and enjoy your rides.

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