Why You Should Consider Visiting A Ski Destination During The Summer!

Ski resorts are situated in some of the most stunning parts of the world, that tend to be overlooked in the summer months. Many ski destinations are now gearing up their facilities in order to attract visitors during the summer. There is so much to offer other than skiing, even the most active of sports enthusiasts will find activities to suit ranging from high adrenaline to more gentle pursuits such as fishing and hiking. If relaxation and fine dining is more your “thing” there are excellent spa facilities to be found along with michelin star restaurants.


Staying in a ski resort can be considerably cheaper than during peak ski season, this means you are able to access more of the activities available. Travelling to the resorts can be a little more tricky as flights are not as frequent. Most major airports continue to offer a service. Many mountainous regions are updating areas such as the  Vail Mountain Upgrades, enabling slopes and towns to be busy and easily accessible year round.

Here are some of the reasons why travelling to a ski resort in the summer should be at the top of your bucket list of things to do.

Large range of activities

During the winter snow restricts the number of activities it is possible to participate in. When the snow melts a whole host of options are available. You could try climbing, hiking, mountain biking or paragliding. You could also learn a new skill such as sailing and water sports. It may even be possible to still ski, depending on the altitude of the region you visit. Research the area you wish to travel to and discover your options.

Stunning scenery

Once the snow melts the landscape is transformed into beautiful meadows and grassy slopes, all teeming with fauna and flora. Crystal waters flowing in rivers and streams through the mountains are fantastic for water enthusiasts, nature lovers and families. Blue skies make a fabulous backdrop to the imposing mountains.

Fine dining

There are many famous michelin starred restaurants dotted throughout ski regions all catering for the wealthy and discerning traveller. Often these restaurants are impossible to make a reservation at during the ski season, meaning that during the summer the restaurants are much more accessible to all.

Spa facilities

Spa facilities which are of a high quality can be found in ski regions. Similarly to restaurants they can become busy during peak season. Less crowds make them more accessible in the summer. What a lovely way to unwind after a busy day of hiking through the mountains!

Music festivals

Many festivals and concerts take place during summer in the ski regions of canada, Switzerland, colorado and Aspen. They attract big names and it is possible to find a festival to suit all genres.

Try something new and visit a ski destination in the summer. You will soon change your perception of them becoming sleepy villages and towns, with not much going on! You will have plenty of opportunity to try something new.      

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