Why We're Drinking Apple Brandy

Apple Brandy

Apple cider, apple pie, you can tell it's Fall, so why not some apple brandy? But what exactly is apple brandy and why are we drinking it as opposed to other whiskeys? One thing not to fear is that when you're drinking Apple brandy There’s no added apple flavor or color and all of the brandy is non-chill filtered.

A liquor made from apples packs a punch at 80 proof is everything one wants to drink on a cold night at home. We tried some homemade Apple Brandy from Traverse City Whiskey Co., named after the northern Michigan town is known as ‘the Whiskey of the North’ that has dated back to the 1800’s. The distillery team is now lead by Jared Rapp, Moti Goldring, and founder Chris Fredrickson, who along with his father, discovered his great grandfather’s old distilling recipes, patented during the Prohibition era.

Recently, they have made an apple brandy containing three different Michigan apples with 30,000 lbs of crushed apples that were ferment with a champagne yeast. Unlike other artificially flavored drinks, the notes do resemble that of apples with the spiciness of oak. Apple brandy can easily be served neat or used in seasonal cocktails.

Traverse City Whiskey Co. offers other liquors like their straight bourbon, American Cherry Edition, Barrel Proof Bourbon, North Coast Rye and the Port Barrel Bourbon.