What to wear to the US Open

By: NYC Men’s Stylist, Next Level Wardrobe. Founded by Cassandra Sethi.

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For your box seats

If you are going to be taking in the game on a VIP level; unlimited food + drinks, air conditioned box and unobstructed view- you want to also make sure that you dress the part!

What to wear to the US Open

Dress up for this! You don’t want to walk into your box seats dressed in sweats with messy hair. You will enjoy your experience much more if you feel and look good walking into it.

This outfit conveys a cool, elevated, refined summer look. There are a lot of great options for matching blazer and pant in various colors for the warmer season- I like this khaki one because of the effortless feel.

You can wear this khaki color with just about any complimentary color; navy (as shown, white, chambray (denim blue that is lighter) and even gray. If you are feeling adventurous do a print!

The pants you do not have to roll up, if they are hemmed to the right length of where your shoe ends that is perfect. Keep the footwear on the more casual side to avoid the whole look looking way too formal (with an oxford or brogue).

For a casual outing

What to wear to the US Open

You may be taking in the game on a more casual level with friends or even on a date. Early September is still considered summer by NYC standards so you want an outfit that not only makes you look good but keeps you cool as well.

First, you want to make sure that the color palette is lighter. A darker palette means that you will be attracting more heat while you walk around and enjoy the game.

Second, you want to make sure that you are wearing lighter fabrications and fabrics that can breathe. The shirt below is made of linen so will not trap heat and keep you cool throughout your day.

Third, shoes are important to tie your whole look together. You also have to remember that you may be on your feet a lot. Go for a cool sneaker (in a solid color; white, cream, lighter grey) or even a slip on sneaker (like in the picture- these have no laces) to tie everything together.

With this outfit, you will be sure to be comfortable, cool and get (good) attention!

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