What A Realtor Should Look Like

Success in any business, including real estate business, depends on the competence of a person, his professionalism, experience, determination.

Beginning realtors should strive for success - this is a mandatory factor in making money. It is necessary to take into account not only the main factors - the training of realtors, the study of best practices, but also indirect factors. Success in negotiations is influenced by several other points of communication.

Appearance and manners are indirect factors affecting the image of a successful person. This is what people around see and evaluate in the first seconds of communication, even before you start talking.

Even if you are a high-class realtor, but came to a meeting in worn jeans, a worn sweater, the first impression will be negative. Subsequently, this impression can be changed, but difficult.

Tips for women realtors

Businesswoman Style.jpg

So, the right style can express individuality as well as possible. Clothing can tell about the mood, feelings, discover the wealth of colors of the inner world.

You should not succumb to stereotypes, considering that you can look good only with a lot of money. This is just a myth because the basis of how to dress stylishly is not in the price of a thing but a perfectly selected style. It takes into account proportions, color harmony, and a clear silhouette.

  • An overabundance of gold jewelry is inappropriate;

  • Classic is always in fashion;

  • Can be diluted with accessories;

  • Shoes are even more important than a suit;

  • Hairstyle, manicure;

  • Know the colors and colors that suit you;

  • Choose the clothes in which you feel comfortable, and know for sure that it suits you.

What to avoid

And now let's take a look at what is undesirable when compiling a style and can unpleasantly affect your client:

  • Do not put gold and silver rings on one hand;

  • Wearing footprints with sandals is only for shoes, and that is not in a business setting;

  • Wear leggings or leggings in the office;

  • Keep a handkerchief in your sleeve.

A businesswoman should be able to use makeup correctly. There are two problems:

  1. Too much makeup;

  2. There is no makeup at all.

It is necessary to seek a compromise!

A few tips:

  • Makeup, whose tone is closer to the natural complexion looks more profitable than bright colors;

  • The tart aroma of cheap perfumes is undesirable, preferably a light smell of expensive perfumes;

  • Bright nails are a sign of bad taste;

  • To tint eyelashes, but in moderation;

  • Lip contour in the color of lipstick or only one tone darker;

  • Strongly let down eyebrows look unnatural and funny.

True elegance does not depend on the amount of money but depends on a sense of proportion, age, figure, time of day and specific circumstances.

The ability to always look good is an art.
Neatness and accuracy. A crooked tie, uncleaned shoes, and an ironing shirt speak of a person as undemanding and disrespectful to colleagues. It can be concluded that the agent will also be careless in business relations.

Psychologists say that an insignificant detail - a torn button, a dirty handkerchief, a stale collar can ruin the negotiations, for example, with a negative attitude towards the partner.

Tips for male realtors

Most men have no time to look at the collections of famous designers and follow fashion. It seems boring and uninteresting occupation. Today we will help men realtors not looking up from daily affairs to learn how to look spectacular. Here's a top list of simple basic things. He will help create his style for a man and maintain a stylish image in the future.

1. Men's shoes in a classic style

Having quality shoes is the responsibility of not only businessmen and politicians. This is the duty of every self-respecting man. Choose shoes classic English style. Of the materials, give preference to genuine leather in black, brown or dark blue.

Combine classic shoes with a tuxedo for a gala event or an official meeting. Dress them in the office in the company of a well-tailored men's suit that will emphasize the best that is in your figure.

2. Men's classic two-piece suit

Take this purchase responsibly. You will be lucky if the costume fits you perfectly. Often it is required to bring the costume to perfection in the studio: there is nothing to worry about.

It is also worth diversifying the wardrobe of work suits due to styles and shades inside a restrained color scheme.

With the kit, it is convenient to combine the individual details of the suit with the existing basic things in the men's wardrobe. For example, combine a vest with a suit of a different color or wear it with trousers under light or dark shirt without a jacket.

3. What shirt to choose a male realtor?

A white or blue men's shirt is the foundation of a basic men's wardrobe. A shirt, like a classic suit, should fit the body in all respects.

If you want to feel like James Bond, wear a shirt with a strict office suit or a festive tuxedo, with trousers or jeans. A good shirt or shirt will add stats to you. But remember - it must be tucked into trousers. An exception can only be a shirt worn over a T-shirt, in which case it is worn open: half or 1-2 buttons on top.

5. Classic-fit jeans

Prefer your time-tested navy jeans. Firstly, they do not go out of fashion, and secondly, dark blue slim fit. Dark jeans will also visually add a couple of centimeters of growth if you wear a light top, for example, a shirt or a casual t-shirt.

To emphasize the austere style, wear jeans with a light sweater and dark brown brogues. The combination of time-tested will appeal to every modern Viking.

6. Cotton Chinos

Back in 1848, when the Englishman-General painted snow-white trousers in color, the world acquired a successful alternative to jeans. Natural cotton or woolen chinos do not constrain movement and are found in a variety of colors, which old-fashioned jeans cannot boast of.

Depending on the cut preference, sports and casual shoes will suit chinos.

7. Sports shirt or polo

Unlike a regular T-shirt, the polo looks presentable and is suitable not only for the weekend picnic but also for working pastime. Make sure that the polo or shirt is made of quality material, sits like a second skin and the color emphasizes the main advantages.

8. Accessories

It is no secret that the right choice of accessory completely changes the style of a man. Actually, without changing his wardrobe, but skillfully combining fashionable touches, a businessman begins to look

Perhaps the most important, prestigious and expensive accessory is a watch. If you are a fan of the traditional style of clothing, choose a mechanical watch with hands, it is better to choose a leather strap. However, if you like technological innovations, you can buy the best smart watches for men with a classic design. They can customize the dials to your taste, and also have a large number of functions.

Other accessories include a belt, suspenders, tie and more. Here it is worth paying attention to the fact that these accessories are combined with your image.

Unacceptable for a man

Here is a list of what to avoid when creating your business style:

  • Do not use sharp color contrasts, super-fringe elements of clothing, shoes;

  • Short socks;

  • Stale handkerchief;

  • Crumpled suit;

  • Dangling buttons

  • Stale shirt;

  • Obliquely tied tie;

  • Untidy shoes;

  • Sharp color contrasts in clothes.


Given the complex schedule of realtors, we offer to use personal shopping accompanied by a style consultant. In a few hours, you will receive a complete basic wardrobe that will emphasize the best that is in you. At the same time, you will save a lot of time for more important matters. After all, time is a luxury that a working person can afford to spend exclusively with benefit.

Also remember that you also come to different rooms, compare your experience, your associations, seen there, and conclude.

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