What To Look For In An Estate Agent

Estate agents are pretty crucial to the buying and selling process of the real estate world. At one point during your journey to find somewhere to live, you’re going to have to turn to the professionals to help you out, and to make sure you get the best deal and the best results out of the house or apartment you’re looking to sell or move into. It’s a complicated process, and there’s quite a few steps to try and wade through!

The housing market has a lot to offer, and you want to get the most out of it, so you’re going to need an estate agent. But which one? Which agent should you turn to? What kind of qualities are you looking for? Well, here’s a few things to look out for in the person who’s going to look after your estate for the time being.


Find Someone with the Right Credentials

If you’re looking for an estate agent to  trust, there’s quite a few official credentials and certificates out there that someone should present to you before you choose them. And if they can proudly display these seals of approval, you know you’re walking into a meeting that can lead to a legitimate deal that’s going to garner the best results for you.
Of course, depending on whether you’re buying or selling, you’re going to be looking for different things in the estate agent you deal with. But you’re going to need someone on your side who knows what they’re doing, and can prove it - that’s a factor that’s never going to change! At the very least, you’re going to want them to be a part of a property ombudsman program or service, and turn away from them if you see no proof of this. If the agent is independent, you’re definitely going to want to ask about this first.

Find Someone Who Sells Quickly

If you’re looking for an estate agent to help you sell up and move on, you’re going to want someone who a good selling history, and with one that shows a short turnover time. If they give an asking price, do they get it, 8 or 9 times out of 10? Are they commonly being marked down on the price, and give in quite easily to a customer? If someone sells quickly, you know you’ve got someone who’s dedicated to the satisfaction of the client they’re representing.

Look for someone who can get you the price you’re concrete over. Maybe you should look up agents of a calibre like Frank DiTommaso, or take reviews and recommendations from someone you know who has already sold within a record time that they were extremely pleased with. If an estate agent can commonly get a property off of the market with a couple of months max, you know you’ve got someone you can rely on.

Looking for an estate agent comes down to quite a few factors, but the above are often considered the most important!

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