Travel Ideas For People Who Just Can’t Face Airports

Let’s not fool ourselves here: there’s much to love about traveling, but it’s not all a bed of roses. There are some things that you just have to endure in order to get to the good stuff, such as going through airport security and being trapped on an airplane for a while. But some people can’t ensure this process, and we can’t blame them. Does that mean that they don’t get to travel? No way. People were traveling long before the invention of the airplane - it’s not a necessity! Below, we take a look at four travel options for people who want to see other destinations, but don’t want to step foot in an airport.

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 Explore Your Own City

If you live in New York or any other city that tourists flock to, then you’ve got a prime travel destination right on your doorstep. So why not explore? OK, it might not sound all that exciting, since, you know, you live there already, but hear us out. You’re used to seeing the city through the lens of work and normal, boring everyday life. What if you saw it through the lens of a tourist? Book yourself into a hotel and play visitor for a while You’ll see a new side to your home city.

Trains and Coaches

Planes might be the most popular option for getting from point A to point B, but it’s not the only option. Depending on where you are, taking a train journey might be just as doable, but that’s not all: it’ll also be bags more fun. Indeed, once you’ve taken a long train journey, during which you can see the views and stretch your legs, you’ll wonder why you ever flew in the first place. Trains aren’t extensive, but for everything else, there’ll be a coach service available.

Making Your Own Bed

There’s nothing that beats the open road. It’s the ultimate freedom, and hands-down the best way to travel, purely because you see so much and everything’s an adventure. And if you purchase a travel trailer like the Rockwood 2509s, you’ll remove the logistical headaches that accompany taking a long trip in your own set of wheels. Whereas other people will be shuffling through security and sitting cramped on a plane, you’ll be enjoying the breezy open road, knowing that wherever you end up, you’ll have a good night’s sleep waiting for you.

How About The Oceans?

We said before that people traveled before the invention of the plane. You know what they used? Ships! Today, you can travel in de facto hotels by taking a luxury cruise ship, or you can take a trip that’s a bit more rustic. Whatever you feel like! Whether it’s across to Europe or down to the Caribbean, you’ll be a far cry from the mania of airport check-in.

As we’ve shown, there are plenty of ways to see the country - and the world - without ever stepping foot on a plane. Say goodbye to airport security!

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