Top 5 Best Board Games 2019

Written by: João Santos

You may know the basic and simpler board games on the market and probably you keep playing the classic family Monopoly game or maybe you though Cluedo/ Clue was an advanced board game. Nowadays, games from movies and TV sagas, like Harry Potter and Game of Thrones are also becoming popular. Still, classic games remain classic and family friendly.


However, for advanced minds and a nice kept group of determined friends you may want to try out new alternatives. Here’s our top 5 best board games to play in 2019, hopefully introducing new entertaining games for your late-night board gaming gathering:

5. Welcome To…

This quick and easy learning game is ideal for groups of 3 to 4 people, although being nominated for the 2018 best solo board game, by the Board Game Geek community. In the game, you want to build the best town in the United States during the 1950s by adding resources on the board. It’s a roll-and-write dice game where you mark results on a score-sheet but, no dice is used. Instead, cards are flipped from 3 different piles where actions take place. Buy a house, fill it while you take turns and increase your points by adding pools, building parks, and many more. You can even duplicate your house number. Everyone is racing to try and complete public goals while adopting various paths to become the best builder/ architect around your friends. With many strategies and randomized action sets, you can play as many times as you’d like.

4. Secret Hitler

A party bluff game for a minimum of 5 to 10 players that is the easiest to understand and very fun to play. It’s a dramatic bluff political game set in 1930s Germany where each player starts by being randomly and secretly assigned a liberal or fascist card. One player is secretly Hitler. The liberals must find and identify Hitler before it’s too late. At the beginning of each new game, players close their eyes and the fascist reveal themselves to each other, while secret Hitler keeps his eyes closed but indicates to the fascist who he is by putting his thumb up. The fascist tries to lead Hitler to glory while he does not know who they are. Meanwhile, the liberals don’t know who each other is.

Each round a new player elects a President and a Chancellor who will work together to pass certain laws on the board. If they pass a fascist law, players must try to figure out if they were betrayed or unlucky with their choices. New perks come into play later during the game and the objective of the liberal team is to pass five liberal policies or assassinate Hitler, on the other hand, the fascist team must pass six fascist policies or elect Hitler as Chancellor after 3 fascist laws have passed. A very entertaining game that will sure agitate your group of friends.

3. Azul

An abstract strategic game fully embraced by the Portuguese culture, implementing azulejos, decorative tiles, as the main focal point. The player needs to lay tiles taking turns and grab from the supplied tiles to insert on each own game board. Later in the round, players score points accordingly and based on how they have decided to place their tiles to decorate the board. An aesthetically very pleasing game that rewards extra points for specific patterns and completing horizontal or vertical complete sets. The player with the most points wins.

2. Wingspan

A clean card and dice strategic game, engine-building board game regarding different types of birds and specifications. The player is a bird researcher/collector seeking to attract the most and better birds from the game. Each bird has a given combination of habitats, food and eggs to lay. You’ll need to gain food tokens via the custom dice on the birdfeeder area, lay eggs using the variety colorful miniature eggs and draw from hundreds of unique bird cards. The winner is the one that can collet the most point after 4 played rounds.

 1.     Gloomhaven

By far your best bet as the best game up until now, April 2019. Launched in 2017 and yet remains one of the most wanted and hot board games. Just like the well-known RPG style board games, Gloomhaven is a tactical combat adventure-oriented world where players take on the role of a special character and travel around the vast world. Players must cooperate in order to clear monsters, loot, discover new locations and expand the game story.

It is a very challenging game, ideally played over many game sessions with completely different scenarios. Each turn a player chooses two cards to play and just like a Bandersnatch adventure, you must be careful while adventuring as you may take wrong decisions and the forced to retreat or lose the game. An excellent RPG style that will take you up over 30 minutes of understanding and unboxing in exchange for days on end of adventures with your friends.

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