The Benefits of Buying a Smaller Home with More Land


Buying a small home with a lot of land has many benefits, but what they are does depend on where you live.  Different states have varying rules on what you can and cannot do with the land, and they all have their own rules and regulations you have to follow. Before you go ahead with a deal for a small home with more land, check out the rules for the state you will be living in to ensure you can do what you have planned.


According to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension, the main reason people buy a home surrounded by more land is for privacy. They can fence off their property, put gates at the end of their drive and hide away from the rest of the world for as long as they like. With gates that have to be opened from within the house, or with a remote control from outside, people cannot just wander in as they like, and you can decide who gets to your front door and who doesn’t.

Not everyone likes city life or even living on a street with other houses. If you feel this way, a smaller home with more land around could be the ideal solution.

Back To Nature

Generally, you cannot control what happens outside of your property boundary. This does mean that is you are living in a neighborhood you would be limited in what you can do with nature.

However, with some land to use you can do all sorts of things to encourage wild plants, birds, and even wild animals if you want. A pond is a great way to let the birds have a bath or drink, and it would also be good for any animals that make their way through your land.

Many properties you see of this sort have trees planted around the borders, but also further into it you can grow fruit trees and perhaps have a vegetable garden. Although you can buy fresh produce in most supermarkets these days, nothing tastes quite as good as the ones you have grown yourself. You would also know what has been used to encourage them to grow, and would not have to be concerned about the chemicals that are so often used for mass-produced foods.

Making Money

Some people want this type of property because they see an opportunity to turn it into a business.  This is one of the reasons that ranches for sale have become so popular in many states and why they do not stay on the market for very long. They offer so many options.

Having the land gives you a wealth of opportunities for businesses, such as selling produce in the markets, rearing a few animals, or maybe even starting a garden center and raising all the plants and trees for sale from scratch, Of course, what you can do does depend on the amount of land you have bought, and what the rules of the state you are say.

Expand The Building

Having the land needed lets you expand the building in many different ways. You could add a pool house, build a spa, have greenhouses for growing plants or maybe you need a workshop or office for some new venture you are considering.

You could decide to build a garage, or maybe a second small house for your elderly relatives to live in or to use as a guesthouse. The options are endless.

It is often cheaper to start with a small home and expand it than it is to buy a home that has had all these additions already.

Cost Advantages

Apart from the obvious advantage of a small home being cheaper to run, there can be other cost savings as well. Tax wise they can be cheaper than a larger house on a smaller piece of land, and repairs will be less to do too.

The maintenance of indoors and outdoors will be a smaller job, and if you need something such as a new roof the price difference compared to a larger house can be amazing.

It is Your Dream

It could be that you want a smaller home with more land for no other reason than it has always been your dream. If this is the case, you are probably already aware that land has to be cared for and that there may be more work involved than you originally thought. However, if it is what you have always wanted and the opportunity presents itself, you should buy the smaller home and enjoy the extra land.

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