The Ashley Mary Designed Bottle You Won't Want To Throw Out

With Summer just around the corner, what better way to kick it off by enjoying a refreshing glass of not just any rose, but the Chateau Minuty Limited Edition. This refreshing and fashionable Rosé will be your new summer favorite.     

Off The MRKT

The Chateau Minuty M de Minuty Limited Edition 2017 at $23. American artist and illustrator, Ashley Mary was invited to use the winery’s iconic Provençal bottle shape as her canvas and reflect her travels in St. Tropez peninsulas, home of the winery.

Ashley is a Minnesota-born artist, designer, and illustrator. Her work is a constant exploration full of lively compositions and positive energy. Ashley’s design of the Chateau Minuty M de Minuty Limited Edition 2017 reads like a story of St. Tropez, reflecting the region’s stunning landscape and architecture. Ashley used these landmarks to create a map on the bottle in her own language of shapes, patterns, and colors.

The original Rosé from St. Tropez, M de Minuty is a vibrant, dry rosé with harmonized peach and candied orange aromas. The last winery in Provence to pick all of their grapes by hand, M de Minuty is made in the traditional method for the purest expression of Grenache—the king of rosé.

By Daniel Rung

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