The $10,000 Luxury Doctors Appointment You Have To Try

By Alexandra Reconco

Everyone knows they should get a yearly physical exam to maintain good health, but unfortunately a lot of people don’t actually make it to their doctor’s office. It might be because going to the doctors seems like a chore but with Elitra Health, the exam can be more enjoyable and luxurious that you’ll think you just went to a spa then to the “boring” doctors office.

Photo courtesy of Elitra Health

Photo courtesy of Elitra Health

The Elitra Health Manhattan Center for Life and Longevity, located in Tribeca, offers their clients the best service that is specifically designed for the most discerning men and women. Offering a more personalized experience to their clients, Elitra Health is widely celebrated for their excellent client services and dedicated staff. The management team has been in operation since 1990 under the name Affiliated Physicians, one of New York’s leading Corporate Health and Longevity clinics which offers annual exams for executives of Fortune 500 companies. 

Founded in 2017, the 5-star,15,000 square foot medical center offers The Elitra Exam, “a unique patient white-glove experience with unparalleled medical expertise and the latest medical technology delivered in a luxurious spa-like setting.” The Elitra Exam is a 5-6 hour personalized and extensive physical exam specifically designed to find any underlying health issues.The exam includes extensive screenings, advanced blood work, onsite cardiac imaging and calcium scoring, full body scans for cancer and aneurysms, same day results, meet with on-site nutritionists to discuss nutrition, on-site certified massage therapists for relaxation, exercise physiologists for stress tests and full body core strength and agility tests, nurses for immunization review and vaccinations and – above all – spend hours with world-class physicians that that specialize in preventative medicine for an extended physical exam. For any necessary aftercare Elitra has a strategic alliance with Mount Sinai Hospital allowing seamless integration for the patient and priority scheduling and access to their top specialists.

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