Taking Care of Your Vacation Hair

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Your relaxation shouldn’t be interrupted by unmanageable hair. Take control of your whole vacation by taking care of your own summer waves!

1.      Check your products.

The ocean air will dry out your hair faster than you can dive in, so it’s important to keep a keen eye on your hair product labels. Many products like hairspray and mousse contain high levels of alcohol, which quickly strip your hair of its natural moisture— quickly making your head a friend of frizz. Steer clear of brands with alcohol listed as a top ingredient to make your tresses shine!

2.      Add a new product to your summer routine.

Your sun-kissed skin’s glow may thank you for the hours in the sun, but your hair? Not so much. Pack a UV protection spray to keep your strands as healthy and happy as can be. The extra protection will throw off the harsh rays along with any worry of damage. With so much against your hair’s health, the sun should be the last thing that you worry about.

off the mrkt beauty.jpg

3.      Rinse your hair before diving in.

The pool’s chlorine or the ocean’s salt will strip any moisture from your hair. Wet your hair in the shower or sink to keep your porous strands from taking in any unwanted buildup before you take to the beach or poolside. The strands won’t have any room for the foreign chemicals if they’re saturated with clean H2O!

4.      Naturally and thoroughly wash and condition.

A combination of wind and salt can create quite the mess with tangles and flyaways. Your best bet after a fun and relaxing beach day is to wash with a natural shampoo that will nourish and refresh your locks. A moisture-enriched formula will keep your hair and scalp hydrated, so you’re ready for another beautiful vacation day!

5.      Take your time detangling and combing.

You’ve heard it before: never brush your hair when wet. The ends will snap with ease, causing a quick downward spiral into a series of bad hair days. To prevent further painful breakage, make sure to take a wide-tooth comb slowly through small chunks at a time, starting at the end of the strands and working your way to the root. A spritz of a detangler solution or witch hazel will make the job even easier! Your silky strands will thank you for the extra time and effort later.

 A dip in the water should be hassle-free. With a little mindfulness and care, you’ll be rocking that summer hair all day, every day. Beach hair can stay and play a while, but its health is a top priority to make it last.

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