How To Have The Perfect Home Bar

As Winter continues to bring us the cold, gone are the days of rooftop bars and to actually go out and brave the cold, what's one to do when you need a drink? You are now at your peak laziest, but you and your friends still want to get their drink on. Best part of Netflix & Chill is being able to make a drink at home without the fight for the bartender and keeping prices relatively low. Sure it’s great when friends decide to bring some over to share with you, but you wouldn’t be caught dead serving a bud light to others. Some of the things you need for a well-stocked bar are really the basics to so you can entertain your friends and yourself with adult drinks. Like your men, your home bar should be diversified, rather than 4 bottles of flavored vodka here is a list of essentials that should be a part of every home bar.

For The Health Nut

When planning on the essentials, the basic liquors are nice, but you're gonna need more than just an arsenal of alcohol to make the perfect drink. Sometimes you're looking for the perfect ingredient to stay (somewhat) healthy, add some Be-Mixed and your halfway there. This mix is - zero sugar, zero cal, all natural and they taste amazing! You can get these flavors in cucumber mint, ginger lime, and margarita.

Your Favorite Blended Malt

Sometimes you just need to show off to your friends. At $80 Usquaebach 15-Year-Old 'Pure' Malt may seem on the higher end but it's worth every drop, I mean cent. The great thing about whisky is at 86 proof it's only 70 calories, being one of the least in all alcohol. Who says you can't be skinny and drunk at the same time? Grabbing for a glass of whiskey is a must while the cold nights at home

Clear Corn Whiskey

What is a clear corn whiskey? Stillhouse Whiskey is
distilled to perfection from a proprietary mash bill of estate-grown corn, unlike novelty 'moonshine' brands on the market which is made from grain neutral spirit, these brands don’t go to the same lengths Stillhouse does to craft their six smooth expressions.

Stillhouse is packaged in a first-of-its-kind, daring red stainless steel can, taking whiskey where glass can't go. These tin canned concoctions are perfect for on the go or for your bar. With flavors like Apple Crisp, Peach Tea, Coconut, Mint Chip or Red Hot, you're destined to the perfect flavor for even the pickiest of guests.

Coffee With Your Tequila

You love tequila and you love coffee, Patron's XO Cafe gives the essence of fine coffee with your tequila making it the perfect go to for when you want something other than another margarita. The Patron XO Cafe is not only perfect on the rocks, but makes for a great mixer, and for those rough mornings, no one will know if you added a bit to your morning coffee. The coffee aroma will keep you up and give variety in your drink, perfect for an updated Irish Carbomb will keep the night going.

The Perfect Coaster

These Coasters from Hendrick's Gin are the perfect compliment for your home bar. No need to worry about your sloppy guests (we have a few) these eye catching coasters will show everyone exactly where to put their drinl. A uniques collaboration with Dempsey & Carroll creates a unique aesthetic. Yhe collection goes beyond coasters to include not only exquisitely designed correspondence cards, but also Stationary as you send invites to your new home bar.