Simple Tips To Save Your Skin This Winter

By Diana Benitez

No matter how much we love winter and the cozy nights in, our skin often does not, and we cannot neglect it. It’s only natural that some people’s skin reacts more extremely than others. Often this reaction leads to peeling, eczema, and blotchy skin, especially on our cheeks that goes beyond a slight blush effect.


If you suffer from, or want to prevent dreaded winter skin, here are a few tips.

Humidify, Humidify, humidify

Now, I’d say this is for those who live in very dry, stale and frozen areas. It’s much more difficult to reach any level of humidity and expose your skin to it. To do so, this would add a lot of much needed moisture that sometimes the dry weather can bring into our skin. That being said, over-humidifying is also not good, so only turn to it if it’s really necessary.

Using a gentler cleanser

Something we have to switch up our summer/warmer weather cleansers to a much gentler, less harsh one. Often, much harsher ones will strip our skin of those oils that are already low in the winter. We recommend, Bliss Rose Gold Rescue Gentle Foaming Cleanser for Sensitive Skin, $13


It may seem daunting to exfoliate when you already have sensitive and dry skin, right? Well, exfoliating is a must for the dry patches that sometimes arise when the weather gets below freezing. Though you need to focus on exfoliating, don’t over exfoliate. This can have a detrimental effect of an even more excessive amount of dry skin.

If you still aren’t convinced due to the harshness of exfoliating, here’s an alternative that still rids your skin of those dry cells. Clarisonic Skin Renewing Peel Treatment, $39

Be aware of your moisturizer

During the summer months, or any time during the year that isn’t winter, we typically use a light lotion with a built in SPF, if that. We don’t like the heavy feeling of products on our skin when it’s so hot outside.

It’s incredibly important to not use a lotion, but to step it up to a cream, ointment or serum because it will provide a greater level of moisture.

A few options are:

Fix your shower routine

We often fail to realize that, even though we love those hot, steaming showers, they aren’t that good for our skin. The longer and warmer the shower, the more time that water has to strip your skin of the natural oils due to its repelling quality. It’s recommended that we limit our showers to be shorter and in warm water, not hot water.

Dry skin is often a big inconvenience, but it’s manageable. You don’t have to just deal with it, you learn to work with it. There are many different skin types, and because of that, there are many different skin routines out there.