Karl Lagerfeld's Most Iconic Chanel Runways

By Annabella Pardo

Karl Lagerfeld, creative director of Chanel and Fendi, and one of our times most talented artistic designers and international visionaries has passed on to design gowns for angels as an honorary fashion god in heaven. Join us as we look back to Lagerfeld's most powerful and fashion evoking Chanel shows of the last 5 years. We thank you Karl. 

Chanel Cruise Cuba 2017 Show 

Photo via @   hapersbazaar

Photo via @hapersbazaar

"Viva Coco Libre!" Karl Lagerfeld took to the fashionable latin streets of Havana before any other luxury house had, a true pioneer and visionary. Representing the spirit and history of Cuban culture in an international platform with vivid colors, ruffle dresses, and a joyous conga line in the open streets. Now that's a Fiesta. 

Chanel Takes Flight SS 2016 

Photo via @   elle

Photo via @elle

Chanel is up, up, and away! Fashion is in constant motion, exploring new cities, new cultures, jetting off on holidays, always with the connection of bringing all travelers together at airports. Lagerfeld represented airport dressing beautifully, connecting travel elegance with an air of coolness and ease. Now boarding the fashionably late. 

Chanel Supermarket FW 2014

Photo via @   nytimes

Photo via @nytimes

Attention all shoppers: Supermodels do their own groceries too. Lagerfeld transomed the marvelous Grand Palais in Paris to be the most chic supermarket in the world, placing Whole Foods off to the land of peasants. Encouraging a setting of high/low dressing by bringing together couture tweed suits with a carton of eggs, we'll check out via the express line. 

Chanel Takes On Women's Rights SS 2015

Photo via @   highsnobiety

Photo via @highsnobiety

 Has a fashion march ever been this powerful? Led by supermodels Gisele and Cara, Lagerfeld designed the ultimate Chanel power suits in prints and colorful tweeds, accessorized with mega phones and strong signs. A true ode to Coco Chanel, the historic designer to women's feminist clothing. 

Chanel Blasts Off To The Future FW 2017 

Photo via @   highsnobiety

Photo via @highsnobiety

"3, 2, 1 We have Take Off." Chanel and Lagerfeld present fashion in the future sense, understanding the runway is all about envisioning and preparing fabulously for the future. As it is clear space travel for the luxurious elite will occur in our lifetime, Virgin Galactic & Space X,  it is best to start shopping for our space outfits to Mars early. NASA should also take notes on Chanel's rocket designs. 

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