Roses and Rosé: The Surrey and Dom Pérignon’s Perfect Pairing

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A collaboration between The Surrey Hotel and Dom Pérignon will have you viewing the stars and tasting them, too. As one of New York’s most iconic hotels, The Surrey recently teamed with the elite champagne brand to bring a finer space to its crown jewel. This perfect pair unveiled its collaboration as a redesign of The Surrey’s private rooftop. In step with Dom Pérignon’s launch of its Rosé Vintage 2006, The Surrey opened its exclusive overhead space with a lush rose garden, offering its Patrons Club members and other guests a modern and sophisticated area to enjoy rosé champagne and light refreshments.

The rooftop’s redesign cultivated a beauty rivaling that of the skyline stretching beyond the walls. A faux lawn spreads across the ground while flowerbeds outline the perimeter, teeming with aromatic, flowering mint, and blooming hellebores in shades of green and white and punctuated by the sculptural spears of foxglove with beautiful pink blossoms. The focal point of the landscape is a black trellis with winding ivy vines and rich burgundy roses surrounding a central, intricately carved Dom Pérignon Rosé Vintage 2006 shield beautifully highlighted by a romantic pink glow.

The partnership has brought more to the table than a fabulous landscape; The Surrey’s Café Boulud prepared a special menu of pairings with Dom Pérginon Rosé Vintage 2005. A few choice menu items include foie gras terrine with pickled celery and rhubarb, a fresh Hamachi tartare featuring “tonnato verde” sauce, radishes and celtuce, and a delectable shrimp toast. A selection of Moet Hennessy cocktails is also available to satisfy lovers of spirits.

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To keep giving the gift of Dom Pérginon’s collaboration with The Surrey, the following special packages will be offered for guests:

·       The #PrivatelyRosé Package— This package will give guests access to a reserved table on the hotel’s luxurious rooftop to receive a bottle of Dom Pérginon’s new rosé and special pairing menu.

·       Dom Pérginon Guided Tasting— Guests who choose this package may taste Dom Pérginon’s extensive new releases guided by a brand ambassador and enjoy selected culinary delicacies among the roses on the rooftop.

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