How to Take Care of Your Face This Fall

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The weather swings back and forth from the blaze of the summer to the comforting warmth of autumn, then straight into the deathly winter cold. The transition can zap the life out of your glowing summer skin if not taken properly cared for. With these tips and a little attention to detail, you can keep your skin healthy and happy for the cozy fall weather!

Switch to a gentler cleanser.

Your skin probably took in a lot of the sun’s rays in the past few months, and now it’s time to do some damage control. As the outer layer suffers the consequences, you have a chance to replenish nutrients with a more intentional cleanser. A cleanser such as The White Company’s Gentle Daily Deep Cleanser is designed to deeply, yet gently, cleanse and dissolve all traces of makeup while instantly boosting hydration and radiance. The special balm-based formula gives all skin types a healthy glow and soft touch.

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Find a creamier moisturizer.

Despite all of the outside factors that your skin is exposed to in the summer months, moisture isn’t as difficult to maintain then as it is once September and October arrive. A lighter moisturizer is generally plenty to satisfy your skin’s glow, but it may take a weightier substance to penetrate your pores in the chilly air. From dry outdoor conditions to dry blasting heaters, there is no escape from the dehydrating properties that come with shorter days.

To give your skin a fighting chance, switch out your summer moisturizer for one promising a rich repair. When® Revivifying™ Ultimate Cream contains crème de La Mer from Jeju. It gives a fresh and moisturizing texture as well as energizes skin cells and revivifies dull, tired skin with super anti-oxidant SEANOL. Also helps reduces wrinkles and brightens skin tones.


Make friends with exfoliation.

 To make room for a new, fresh, undamaged layer of skin, you’ll need to be attentive to taking off the old layer. Exfoliation once or twice a week will help your skin replenish its natural oil production as it rids the surface of clogging dry particles. However, exfoliating any more frequently could irritate the soft skin underneath. AloeGlyC® may be just that: the solution to your winter troubles. Its prevents the buildup of dead skin cells and stimulates cellular turnover. It also helps your moisturizer be more effective because they can be better absorbed into the skin.


Show your lips some love.

  A dry environment will suck the life out of your most sensitive exposed skin: your lips. Get in the practice of applying lip balm before the drastic drop in temperature. To avoid the pain of cracked lips, grab a tube of Coola Liplux, a nontoxic, eco-friendly formula to hydrate the skin so desperate for attention. This balm also holds SPF 30, which will protect from the sneaky UV rays that most think disappear at the start of September. 

Know what your skin needs.


Everyone’s set of skin is uniquely lovely. One person’s skin may be prone to oil production while another struggles with excessive dryness or a combination of the two. With a change as drastic as the summer to fall weather, you’ll experience a shift in the way your skin reacts with the outdoors. Track the changes of your face’s oil production, because you may not need the hydration that another might. Knowing your skin’s tendencies will guide your product hunt as you look for the perfect match.

One product we recommend for year-round use is reVive Light Therapy® Soniqué™ Acne LED Sonic Cleansing System using a mixture of BLUE LED Light to stabilizes oil glands and destroys acne-causing bacteria, while the SONIC vibrations massage the skin and open the pores for a deeper clean. Benefits include reduced breakouts, smaller pores and less inflammation.

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