How To Make Money With Real Estate

If you want to make money, then real estate is a very fine place to start. Most people know about the real estate market, with people buying and selling houses all the time. Today’s blog is all about how you can make money with real estate. Yes, you can buy a home and sell it, but I want to introduce a few alternative money-making theories. Check them out:


Renting your way to riches

I think the most popular method of making money with real estate is by renting out your property to other people. It’s relatively affordable, you get regular payments every month, and you don’t really have to do that much.

If you have money to invest, then you can buy a property to rent out. Don’t worry if you can’t afford to buy a home, there are alternatives out there. Things like static caravans, small bungalows, and flats are all excellent rental property ideas that are much cheaper than full-on houses.                                                                                            
Even if you don’t have enough money to invest in any form of real estate, you can possibly call upon your own property to make money. If you own the home you live in, then you could consider renting out a room and generating money that way. Build up your fortune, then use the money to invest in a rental property - easy!


Making the most out of land

A common misconception is that ‘real estate’ only refers to houses. However, the reality is that land is also part of the real estate market, and it can be a real money maker. There are plenty of people out there who have land that they’re not really getting any use out of. Perhaps it was handed down through generations, or maybe you bought a house that came with some extra land. Either way, you need to make the most out of it!

There are three main ideas:

  • Sell the land to an investor

  • Build property on the land

  • Get paid to have wind turbines/solar panels installed on the land

All three of these ideas generate a fair bit of money in various ways. Obviously, selling the land is a good way to get money pretty quickly. But, if you fancy investing your own money in the land - and getting a bigger return - then building property is a great idea. There are tonnes of companies out there like Lowe Design & Build that can help you develop and build a house from scratch. After you do this, you can then sell the property for a profit, or rent it out for a regular stream of income! As for the third idea, a lot of local governments or energy companies are keen to try and improve the number of renewable energy sources in the country. Therefore, they look for empty land to build turbines on or create a solar panel farm. If you own the land, they will pay you for this, and you can get a fair bit of cash every quarter from them.


Downsize for practicality

It’s far too common to see someone living in a home that’s just too big for them. What I mean is they don’t really use all the property that they’ve been given. They might have a 3 bedroom house, but only ever use one bedroom. The second bathroom is never used, and it’s just a waste of a home.

There are usually two groups of individuals that fall into this category; people who no longer need their big family home as the children have all flown the nest or individuals that inherited a home from their parents. There’s also a third group; people that just bought a home and never ended up using it to its full potential.

Regardless, if you currently own a house, think about whether or not you actually use all of it. Instead, it may be better to downsize to a more practical home. In doing so, you can either sell your property and get lots of money from it right away, or you could rent it out. Either way, downsizing is an effective way of making money from real estate as you can free up the money that’s tied up in your home.

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