How to Feel Like a King or Queen in Hotels of Any Price Point

The hotel industry has become exceptionally impressive in recent years as companies find ways to pack in meaningful amenities at affordable price points.


With the rising tide of booking services available online, the quest to stand out as a lodging option has meant only great things for the people staying in these hotels.

Of course, part of the excitement of staying in a hotel is how you make your own fun. Do you ever feel fancy when staying in a room that provides a nice television with free movie channels? Do you ever find yourself watching shows you wouldn’t normally watch because you’re getting to watch it on that television? For those who answer yes, the rest of this post will really serve the amp up the fun of their stays. For those who answer no, that’s okay, because there is no shortage of amenities on offer.

Let’s use a case study to evaluate this point. For the purposes of this discussion, let’s check out hotels near Plymouth Meeting Mall.

Plymouth Meeting houses Ikea’s national headquarters and is known for its mall, which is located just 17 miles from the heart of Philadelphia.

The hotels near the mall will likely attract people who are staying near Philadelphia for business as well as shoppers and people visiting family in the area. So, to really emphasize this point, let’s move our discussion to a hotel about 12 miles even further from Philadelphia -- the Holiday Inn Lansdale - Hatfield located in Kulpsville, Pennsylvania.

Still a 15-minute drive from the mall, this hotel is located in a town of just over 8,000 people. But, despite not being the heart of a bustling metropolis, you’re going to find an outdoor pool that’s open for 12-hours daily, a fully equipped gym for exercising. You can get hot coffee and tea at any time, day or night, from the lobby as well as a copy of the latest USA TODAY to stay up to date on the latest news.

Hotels, including the one examined here, have ramped up what’s available to people traveling for work. While many hotels offer shuttles to airports nearby, it is increasingly common to see shuttle services made available to business parks located within short distances. For the Holiday Inn Lansdale - Hatfield, that means corporate offices within a 5-mile radius. Such a service means hotels offer secondary benefits such as saving travelers from needing rental cars or spending considerable amounts of money using rideshare apps.

A significant amenity for this case study is the fact that this Holiday Inn has a pet-friendly policy, which is relatively new to nicer hotels and is one of many interesting new ways hotels are making themselves stand out.

It’s not just that these features are becoming common in hotels in large cities, chains are adding these high quality amenities nationwide to stay competitive and relevant to modern travelers.

With all the amenities on offer in modern hotels, it’s easy to feel pretty fancy at reasonable price points.

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