From Influencer To Real Estate Our Conversation With Eric Goldie

With well over 100,000 followers on Instagram, Eric Goldie is known for his charitable contributions, sophisticated style, and famous friends, but has now transitioned into the world of New York real estate.

Having an eye for high-end lifestyle we're sure will be seeing more of Goldie. We sat down to speak more about how he plans to use his social influence and what current properties he's working on.

What got you interested in the move to real estate?

EG: I've always had a strong interest in real estate - and New York is definitely the place to explore that interest. The idea of creating something for yourself really gets me energized and excited. I've always had a standard salaried position, and the motivation to push myself in those jobs was just never there. With real estate, I can see the harder I work, the more my business grows. It's challenging starting out, but it's so exciting to see my business expand week by week. 

Being a fashionable influencer, what's your go to outfit for showings?

EG: I've never been a suit and tie kind of guy, however that look is pretty common in real estate. I'm young, and I like to show off my unique style. My go-to is usually a louder, more memorable suit and a button down shirt. I like to skip the belt to give myself a more sleek and modern look, and I typically go sockless in the summer. 

With over 100K followers on Instagram how are you able to use that as an advantage?

EG: It's funny because I never really considered how that could be an advantage, but within the first month of real estate, I had countless people reach out about working with them, and I've even referred business to people from other countries who've contacted me on Instagram. It's so much larger than just New York. It is a fantastic way to connect with people globally. I'm constantly using social media to remind my followers that I work in real estate, so that one day when they are ready transact, I'm at the top of mind. 

Since your working with 30 West St. Millennium Towers Residences, do you have any recommendations for restaurants, shops etc in the area?

EG: There is so much going on around Battery Park. Nearly $30 billion of public and private investment has been poured into the area south of Chambers Street - resulting in a massive change in retail, restaurants, culture and office space. There's an entirely new Westfield Mall and Brookfield Place under the Oculus with restaurants and every store imaginable. You've also got some of the best restaurants in the city like Nobu or Eataly just a short cab ride away.  

Any plans to join Million Dollar Listings?

EG: I would be crazy to turn down that opportunity, but I think a few more years of experience couldn't hurt before considering that. 

What’s next?

EG Good question! My main focus is to continue growing my business and to learn as much as I can from my team. I've been shocked to see how quickly things pick up when you give it your all. 

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