Everything To Know Before your Labor Day Weekend BBQ

Summer is a great time to go outdoors and start grilling, but if you’re up for a challenge then you should consider trying Argentine Asado. Asado is Argentina’s version of a traditional barbeque that strictly uses wood for fuel. Grilling beef the Argentine way takes years to master and is considered a rite of passage amongst Argentinians.


Mario Graziano, a recent recipient of Argentine-American Chamber of Commerce Business Man of the Year title, and his son Leo are two experts from Argentina who have mastered the art of asado. They brought their culinary smarts to Miami in 1990, then opened a chain of steakhouses, bakeries and markets which were entitled Graziano’s. Below are a few of their secret tips to making their amazing asado.

1. Start with quality ingredients.

When preparing to grill this summer, don’t skimp on the quality of your food. You want to get the best products you can. Getting locally sourced beef which has been grass-fed will give you a more flavorful taste, and it is noticeable leaner.

2. Fire is the heart and soul of Argentine grilling.

When it comes to asado, only wood is used to give the beef a smokey taste and to remain to the traditional roots of adado. Although, the trick to grilling the perfect asado is to not let the beef touch the flames. Graziano’s has Quebracho wood ordered on a quarterly basis to give the asado its smoky flavors that it is known for.

3. One flip is all it takes.

There is no need to keep flipping the beef when it comes to asado. Flipping the beef once will keep it juicy while also giving the outside a nice brown crust.

4. No fancy tricks. Just salt.

When it comes to asado, it is believed that the flavor comes from the quality of the beef you are grilling, which is enhanced by only salt. When grilling your asado, salt it from above and serve it with some homemade chimichurri.

5. Patience is everything.

Asado takes time and patience as it best cooked low and slow. The process can take up to three hours, but it’s well worth the wait. While you’re waiting, gather your friends and family around and enjoy some Carbernet Sauvignon or Mendoza Malbec. Leo Graziano’s pick is Las Perdices Cabernet Franc.

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By Shaunna Redman